50 Best Cafe and Coffee Shop Counter Designs

We have curated 50 Best Cafe and Coffee Shop Counter Designs from everywhere in the world. Each cafe counter design links to a full design article from our bestcafedesigns.com blog.

One thing bestcafedesigns.com aims to do is feature things that are not featured anywhere on the internet. We are already the only blog within the top 100 Architecture blogs that focuses on cafe designs. We like to focus on topics that are interesting but also very specific to a design and travel-oriented audience.

As bestcafedesigns.com explores cafe designs all over the world. In other articles we look at cafe booth seating design, Interior design ideas, cafe design considerations and exterior.

Harudot / Nana Coffee Roasters / IDIN Architects Thailand

A super long counter bench for the full span of the amazing skylight

Brownie Project Gallery / Shanghai / Offhand Practice

Set within an existing concrete structure of a gallery, with a striking V shaped timber frame and mezzanine deck above

Cloud Cafe, Victoria Shanghai Academy / MAD Studio

Clean white counter with curved corners, set within a curved arch with indirect lighting and vertical pink tile splashback

Kirkuk Mars Coffee House

Dark timber counter with timber batten features, dense batten splashback and open shelving with integrated lighting

La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe / Riyadh Saudi Arabia / Livelli Architects

Stone counter top with timber curved siding, suspended curved lighting, and perforated screen with integrated planting

Arabica Xiamen Cafe

White on white counter with integrated glass display with glazed rolled corners, integrated lighting in kickplate

Shanghai Cafe / Aloha Cafe / Atelier IN

Plywood counter with furniture ply exposed edges, facebricks stacked vertically as siding, and rear shelving

Collins Street Cafe / First Love Coffee

Countertops are made from Verde Alpi green marble. Green terrazzo, which contains Verde Alpi marble chips, sweeps across the floor and up the main wall.

Roastery Bali / Expat Coffee / Expat Roasters Seminyak

Stone and steel counter top, with split height to allow for counter service and seating at the bar

Art Cafe / Bound Cafe / Anatomy Architecture

Stainless steel cafe counter with barrel vault ceiling

Armadale Cafe / Hanks Café & Bagelry / Leftfield Studio

Cranked counter with stone top and vertical slip porcelain tile siding. Painted white brick walls behind

Best Berkeley Cafe CA / Mind Coffee / Mahyasalehistudio

Folded vertical surfaces, counter under curved fabric ceiling

Toronto Cafes / Buno Coffee / Architecture Riot

Mirror stainless steel counter, lower service counter with glazed display, open shelving

Bogota Review / Colo Coffee Usaquén / CREARQ

Stone cafe counter with integrated pour over stations

Bogota Cafe bar Colombiano / Colo Coffee Andes / CREARQ

Stonelike cafe counter with carved out seating areas, kickboar lighting and a seamless finish

Kazakhstan / Julius Cafe / New Almaty Architects Workshop

Cafe counter with continuous tile finish on counter top, siding and floor. Dark wood panelling behind.

Cat Cafe Bangkok Thailand / Petrichor Cafe / AA+A Architecture

Stainless steel with curved sections, curved timber panelling in vertical plane behind

mate culture

Cafe Buenos Aires / DUCA Caffe / OHIO Estudio + Estudio RIPANI

Timber counter top with blue siding, and open shelving behind

Southbank Cafe / Cafe Gadot / Aktis Architects

Cafe counter integrated with scaffold structure in solid timber

Alchemy Origin / Metagram

Terracotta stacked tile

Fineprint HK / Metagram

Exposed steel frame, stone counter, integrated siding lighting

Espresso Alchemy Harbour City / Metagram

Stone cafe counter, integrated linear down lighting under counter top, vertical ceramic tiling with tilt upper course to integrate lighting

Gold Coast / Burleigh Cafes / Palm Springs Burleigh

Pastel green cafe counter, horizontal log detail

Arboleda Monterrey / Antilope Cafe / Massoperations

Cafe counter in deep stone reveal, translucent glazed panels surrounds with integrated lighting

Sets Cafe Berlin

Stone counter, curved fibreglass siding

Best Cafes in Berlin / Aera

Timber counter with charcoal and mirror rear walls

Dickson Cafe / High Rd

Concrete look cafe counter with monolithic appearance, and integrated storage

Canberra Cafe / Cupping Room

Timber cafe counter design, wood panelling siding

Curitiba Paraná / Brazil cafe / Bonin Bakery / MOCA Architecture

Timber and stone cafe counter top with timber batten siding

Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery / INS Studio

Vertical Batten siding, timber ceiling

Cafe in Makassar / MKO Culture / INS Studio

Timber cafe counter with timber bar, under ephemeral enclosure

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