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Vasileia Fanarioti Editor at Coffee T&I Magazine

Best Cafe Designs is a digital panorama for aficionados of design, travel, and coffee culture. Seamlessly blending architecture, photography with insightful articles and with a meticulous directory tailored to design preferences, it’s a beacon for enthusiasts like me that seek inspiration or planning their next coffee adventure. My favorite feature? Their meticulously curated cafe hopping map, an indispensable tool for travelers and locals alike!


John Chow Director of Metagram

In the hospitality design sector, it is often hard for cafes to stand out against restaurants and hotel bars which typically have immensely larger budgets. We are thrilled that bestcafedesign.com provides a platform for designers to showcase and to be discovered in this unique and dynamic niche.

Nic Granleese CEO at Bowerbird Ben Morgan COO at Bowerbird

If you’re an architect who designs cafes, this is exactly the type of publication startup you want to see thrive.  A fantastic publication to support. Andrew is a smart and passionate new writer and publisher, with some big ambitions.

Chris Ryan Copy Editor Barista Magazine

An architect by trade, Andrew Chung always has his eye trained on the design of the spaces he inhabits. And because he lives in Sydney, Australia—one of the world’s most vibrant specialty-coffee cultures—it didn’t take long before he started admiring the unique design of many of the city’s cafés.

Penelope Barker Feature Writer at Best Cafe Designs and former editor of Vogue Living, Belle and Indesign magazines

Featuring cafe designs from more than 30 countries, with stories on their design, philosophy and local coffee culture, bestcafedesigns.com charts the expansion of cafe culture across the globe – from the remote Hunza Valley in Pakistan to Ho Chi Minh City, and from Barranco in Peru to Bucharest, Hungary.

Darya Monya Public Relations at CUUB

I’m really a fan of the coffee shop. It has a special atmosphere, its own culture and always makes new discoveries. Now any travel planning includes https://bestcafedesigns.com, just enter the desired city, set your preferences, and you will find a list of the most interesting coffee shops. It’s fantastic!

Syed Creator of The Need for Coffee

This is why I think Best Cafe Design is going to be massive. The founder, Andrew, has thought of every possible angle to make his creation the “yellow pages” of cafes around the world. Let me explain. Google is good at locating a said cafe, but only if you know the exact name of it. Best Cafe Design is one step ahead by exploring cafes by locations, browsing their menus, the theme of the cafes and so on. 

Ulfat Designs Architect

This platform is exceptional, catering to diverse demographics. Whether you’re a casual traveler or a seasoned designer, it’s a goldmine of inspiration. For the former, it offers seamless navigation to unearth the finest cafes in any city. As for the latter, it’s a visual feast, showcasing a myriad of cafe styles worldwide. I highly encourage any designer specializing in cafes to delve into its wealth of resources, be it captivating imagery or invaluable insights.

Khoi Creator at Cafes Around Sai Gon

Best Cafe Designs is a great website for creators to showcase their most favourite coffee shops in their country. User-friendly design plus easy navigation makes Best Cafe Designs a top choice for coffee lovers wanting to look for interesting coffee shops around the world

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