Best Small Cafe Designs

Designing a small cafe requires thoughtful planning to optimize every square foot of space while ensuring a comfortable and functional environment. Start by carefully considering the layout to maximize efficiency. Choose versatile furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as foldable tables, stackable chairs, or built-in seating with hidden storage. By prioritizing multifunctional elements, […]

Cafe Bakeries Design Ideas

Cafe bakeries combine the warmth of a cafe with the enticing aromas of freshly baked goods, creating a delightful sensory experience for patrons. When it comes to design ideas for cafe bakeries, incorporating elements that evoke a sense of comfort, nostalgia, and craftsmanship can enhance the overall ambiance. Consider using rustic wooden tables and chairs, […]

Best Cafe Booth Seating Designs

Booth seating are a great design element to integrate in any cafe, coffee shop or restaurant. They provide a cozy retreat for solo customers, and allow for larger groups of friends or families to seat comfortably in a defined space. The following article goes through cafe booth seating design, their benefits, considerations and show several […]

Best Cafe Exterior Design Ideas

The exterior design of a cafe serves as its visual identity, inviting patrons to step in and experience a cafe or coffee shops space and food and drink offering. In this article, we’ll explore innovative and best cafe exterior design ideas that captivate attention, reflect the cafe’s character and create enticing atmosphere for guests. Mug […]

50 Best Cafe and Coffee Shop Counter Designs

We have curated 50 Best Cafe and Coffee Shop Counter Designs from everywhere in the world. Each cafe counter design links to a full design article from our blog. One thing aims to do is feature things that are not featured anywhere on the internet. We are already the only blog within the […]


Cafe Design Considerations

As explores cafe designs all over the world, we thought it would be good to interview an architect to get some insights into how a cafe is designed, and things to consider and look for. In other articles we look at cafe booth seating design, Interior design ideas, counter design ideas and exterior. Arcstudios […]

coffee house concepts

Coffee House Concepts – Cafes in Drawings Axonometrics and Diagrams

Coffee house concepts epitomize the intersection of design ingenuity and the evolving culture of coffee consumption. Architects and designers showcased on display a myriad of creative approaches to craft unique and inviting spaces that extend beyond mere caffeine refueling stations. These concepts delve into the nuances of ambiance, fostering environments that range from cozy […]