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Rptecture Architects design for Micah Coffee Brewers in Melbourne is minimalist, elegant and pure. From its fully glazed shopfront to its centralised coffee counter flanked by integrated timber benches, every element of the design is thoughtfully curated to create a sense of serenity and focus.

At Micah Coffee Brewers, the emphasis is on the essence of coffee itself, with no distractions or unnecessary adornments. There are no loose seating arrangements, no artwork cluttering the walls, and no cashiers disrupting the flow. Instead, visitors are invited to experience the pure pleasure of tasting coffee in its simplest form, undistracted by the noise and bustle of the outside world.

The sophisticated yet calm palette of textured grey and timber further enhances the tranquil ambiance of Micah Coffee Brewers, offering a serene escape from the ordinary. With its minimalist design and tranquil atmosphere, Micah redefines the casual café experience, inviting guests to slow down, savor the moment, and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. It is no wonder that Micah Coffee Brewers was awarded the prestigious 2021 Melbourne Design Awards Gold, a testament to its exceptional design and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Architecture by Rptecture Architects

Photography by Fraser Marsden

Published with Bowerbird

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Architects Description

Micah Coffee Brewers offers a serene escape from the ordinary, diverging from conventional café settings. Embracing minimalism, it fosters a tranquil ambiance, inviting visitors to immerse in the process of coffee brewing. With a subtle yet new approach, Micah redefines the casual café experience, embodying simplicity and tranquility in every aspect.

Rptecture Architects is proud to announce Micah Coffee Brewers has won 2021 Melbourne Design Awards Gold.


Rptecture Architects was entrusted with the project of creating a coffee-centric café seeking to enhance the fabric of its suburban pocket. Embracing a ethos of trust and fostering community bonds, we aimed to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere where relationships flourish. Beyond serving exceptional coffee and cuisine, a focus was on providing a clean and inviting space for both staff and customers to gather, connect, and enjoy. Micah Coffee Brewers aspires to be more than just a café but a cherished space for staff and customers alike to enjoy and connect, whilst upholding its commitment to goodwill and community engagement.

Concept & design

Micah Coffee Brewers embodies a pure yet striking approach, where the layout and design celebrates coffee in a distinctive way. The concept centres around the belief that the best way to taste and enjoy coffee is with no distractions, bringing the design back to basics – focusing only on coffee. Incorporating a food theatre concept through a central island benchtop, it encourages customers to interact and take-part visually in the whole process of roasting, brewing, pouring and drinking coffee. Warm lighting illuminates the interiors with timber furnishings to highlight the walls through concealed light strips. The pure, minimalist design is integrated into the scene of daily life, where it naturally invites people to stay, chat and relax. Appreciating the beauty of the surroundings being by the foothills of the Dandenong mountains, minimal green foliage was incorporated into the integrated shelf.

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