Best Cafe Designs’ website is a unique and innovative endeavour, originally brought to life through the creative efforts of over 30 talented individuals from around the world, including architects, designers, photographers, writers, and social media experts. Their combined expertise has resulted in a visually captivating and informative platform that celebrates the artistry and innovation of cafe design on a global scale.

Elsie Haddad / Artist / Beirut / Lebanon
Kay Poon / Graphic Design / Suwon / South Korea
Penelope Barker / Writer Editor & Copyrighter / North Coast NSW
Polina Pirogova / Photographer / Bangkok
Silver Wong / Photographer / HK
Myka Baiya / Digital Media / Makati City / Philippines
Viktor Kondratiuk / Photo Editor / Wuppertal / Germany
Dima MarCraft / 3d model designer / Lviv
Julia Keniaikina / Video Editor / Haifa Israel
Marla Singer / Graphic Design / Lisbon / Portugal
Miguel Sanchis / Photographer / Valencia / Spain
Tazriana Arwa / Pilot / Debrecen / Hungary
Kaybeth Pacheco / Photography editor / Barranco / Peru
Mariia Konovalova / Translator writer / Sibiu / Romania
Deva Qu / Content Creator / Sheffield
Roos Rasanti / Architect / Photographer / Dusseldorf / Germany
Joe Whilar / Photographer / NYC
Eda Hatip / Interiors / Istanbul / Turkey
Niculae Vladimir / Programmer / Bucharest / Romania
Ali Kazem Alilou / Architect / Naples
Nhu Nguyen Huynh / Designer / Ca Mau / Vietnam
Asif Nawaz / Textiles / Hunza Valley
Jacob Wallwork / Photographer / Paris
Unaiza Karimullah / Architect / Islamabad
Dai Nghia Tran / Vietnamese Representative / Ho Chi Minh / Vietnam
Cafe Brussels / Café du Sablon
Sevyn Wane / Brussels / Belgium
Makati Cafe / Annex House Manila
Lara Mae Beltran / Photographer / Makati / Philippines
Cafes in York / Gatehouse Coffee
Imogen Whitehead / Social Media / York / UK
caffe Milano / Starbucks Reserve
Neyde Alejandra Moncada / Architect / Milan

A Unique Photography Brief

Passionate photographers were given a unique brief and a photography guide to capture the essence of three local cafes in their neighborhood. The resulting collection of images showcases the charm, character, and individuality of these establishments. The photography guide, an invaluable tool, offered insights on lighting, composition, equipment, editing, and engagement, enabling photographers to tell compelling visual stories. Now, this guide is available as a free download, allowing others to embark on their own journeys of cafe exploration and storytelling.

Coffee Collaborations

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