About Best Cafe Designs

Combining architecture, photography, coffee and websites​

About Best Cafe Designs: Directory of Cafes and Cafe Professionals

Best Cafe Designs is a comprehensive directory site tailored for cafes and cafe professionals, providing a platform to showcase and celebrate exceptional cafe designs globally. With customizable showcases, strategic promotions, and an engaged community, it's the ideal space for cafes to differentiate themselves and connect with design enthusiasts.

About The Creator Of Best Cafe Designs

Best Cafe Designs was conceived by Andrew, an architect with a passion for coffee and a keen eye for design. Recognizing the intricate details involved in cafe aesthetics, Andrew, though time-poor due to professional and family commitments, aimed to efficiently appreciate and showcase exceptional cafe designs by combining his interests in photography, web design, and coffee enjoyment.

Origins of Best Cafe Designs​

The unique Best Cafe Designs Directory and Design publication came from obscure beginnings.

In a Forrest Gump moment, Andrew went out one day to photograph a cafe using his smartphone only during a coffee break in Sydney CBD. From there, he continued to photograph 1-3 a day. Through many coffees, Andrew photographed 70 cafes and is continuing every day. To him, it’s an enjoyable experience to drink coffee, take a break, and enjoy the ambiance of a well designed cafe.

Andrew thought how he could expand this fun endeavour?  Andrew went up on Upwork and sent out an ad to the world asking if anyone would like to be commissioned to also photograph cafe designs in their local neighbourhood.  Andrew gave them a photography guide and brief and received amazing responses from all corners of the world including Pakistan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Peru, UK, Germany, Spain, Ukraine and many more.

Assembling Best Cafe Designs​

From there Andrew engaged an accomplished writer Penelope Barker, a former editor at Vogue Living, Belle and Indesign magazines, and a well respected writer in the architecture and design space to write stories about these amazing pictures from all over the world.


Andrew assembled this into a website bestcafedesigns.com and started the journey of connecting design and travel and coffee lovers.

Feature Articles by Penelope Barker

From Memphis to Biophilia, to interviewing the leading names in architecture and design for global publications, journalist Penelope Barker‘s career has spanned decades of tracking trends and seeking out the best and brightest in the industry. She works from her home on the North Coast of New South Wales, as well as from the delightful gardens of two local cafes.

An Online Journal Platform

From here Andrew developed bestcafedesigns.com as an online journal platform for architects to publish their own cafe designs for a global design audience. The site already feature amazing designs from architects in Japan, China, Korea and the UK.  Contributions are growing every day.

Top 100 Architecture Blog

The site is now ranked 75 in the top 100 architecture blogs at feed spot, and the only blog with a focus on cafe design. We feature unique articles on architecture, travel and coffee including the top 50 cafe and coffee house counter designs.

Best Cafe Designs Directory

With the same mindset of connecting design, travel and coffee, Andrew developed Best Cafe Designs into a global Directory.  Its a unique listing of cafes and cafe professionals that can further connections between cafes and their followers, and supporting professionals.  We hope that you may use this platform everyday to discover unique cafe designs to sip your coffee from, whether in your home down, or on your travels.

Coffee Resources​

Caffeine Safe Limits: Calculate Your Safe Daily Dose

Coffee Lovers

Appreciating the best cafe designs

Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers, Best Cafe Designs offers an immersive journey into the world of exceptional cafe aesthetics. Andrew aims to provide a space where coffee enthusiasts can discover captivating cafes, gain insights into the coffee culture, and explore innovative design trends. By showcasing visually stunning cafes, Andrew hopes to deepen the appreciation of coffee and inspire coffee lovers to seek out unique cafe experiences wherever they travel.


Travellers often seek authentic and memorable experiences, and cafes play a significant role in shaping these experiences. Andrew wants Best Cafe Designs to be a go-to resource for travellers looking to discover hidden gems and iconic cafes in different destinations. By featuring cafes from around the world, the platform can guide travellers to exceptional coffee spots that offer more than just a caffeine fix; they provide a taste of the local culture and design.

Cafe Operators

Cafe owners and operators are the heart and soul of the coffee industry. Andrew envisions Best Cafe Designs as a resource that can help cafe operators transform their spaces into design-forward and inviting environments. By featuring successful cafe case studies, offering design consultation services, and sharing industry insights, the platform can empower cafe operators to create spaces that not only serve exceptional coffee but also leave a lasting impression on customers.

Architects and Designers

Architects and designers are the creative minds behind the stunning cafe spaces that grace our cities. Andrew hopes that Best Cafe Designs will serve as a professional platform for these experts to showcase their work. By allowing architects and designers to share their insights, design processes, and challenges, the platform can foster a sense of community among design professionals. It can also provide a source of inspiration and a platform for networking and collaboration.

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