100 Best Architectural Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2024

Interim update this time for bestcafedesigns.com 

The site recently was ranked in the top 100 architecture blogs globally at feedspot, coming in at no. 75.  (5th amongst Australian architecture blogs on the site)

That’s kind of a cool thing considering that I wasn’t aiming for this wider niche, and the whole project was made out of thin air, on a quirky self challenge and came into existence less than 6 months ago.  Going from zero knowledge in SEO to this point, ranking ahead of sites like University of Adelaide and University of Greewich.

There are some caveats with the list though, it ranks by raw statistics like domain authority, traffic to the site, social media stats and regularity of posting.  I get a decent ranking mainly due to being active and posting regularly, and there are some sites below me that have a bigger following, but are less active.  There are some spammy sites on the list, that are probably holding their positions due to the aged domains.  

This note is just to bookmark this position for future reference.  Judging by the quality of the sites on the list, including all the majors like arch daily, dezeen, architizer, architonic and design boom, it would hope to move up the list, with the aim for top 40 in a years time.

The architectural blog was made with the help of over 40 collaborators, professional writers and the bowerbird platform.  In terms of architectural content, its pretty light hearted, featuring cool cafe photos from many places far and wide and a place for doing your travel planning.

Here are some cafes on the blog that have been memorable for the first 6 months

Sydney CBD Cafe / The Portal Cafe

First cafe I photographed for the whole project. I remember having a walk with a friend from the office, and getting strange looks from the staff when I was going around the cafe with a camera.

portal cafe

Coffee Shop near Hunza Valley / Mountain Cup

The first cafe from an upwork collaboration. The photographer was a textiles professional, with no experience in photography. I developed a guide on cafe photography on the fly, and gave real time feedback to improve the shots, whilst I was in Sydney and he was in the Hunza Valley of Pakistan. The shots he took were amazing!

Islamabad Cafes / Em En caffe

The most popular cafe on the website. The impressions on this cafe post alone eclipses the traffic on our homepage by 20x

Cat Cafe Bangkok Thailand / Petrichor Cafe / AA+A Architecture

First cafe published with the bowerbird platform. This is a online community that connects architects with journalists. I was fortunate to join the journalists group and started to receive exciting cafe design submissions from many architects worldwide

Jagat Niwas Palace / Rajasthan / India

Turned the blog into a cafe directory that can help people find cafes more easily using keyword and map search filtering. This is one of the first entries in the directory, and the first cafe from India.

Coffee House Concepts – Cafes in Drawings Axonometrics and Diagrams

The site is the go to place for cafe design material. I am now able to curate according to different interest topics. In this blog post I focused on how cafe designs are represented in concept drawings.

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