Mercedes Benz Brand Centre / Dubai / Heller Studios

Designed by Heller Studios, experience the fusion of coffee culture and Mercedes Benz at our reimagined Autohaus in close proximity to Dubai’s design district D3. The ambition behind the transformation was to position Mercedes-Benz as a lifestyle icon, offering a space that goes beyond traditional automotive showrooms. With multiple attractions, our aim is to make every customer visit memorable.

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Art and retail seamlessly blend into one cohesive brand experience, where the minimal aesthetic provides a serene backdrop for a cultural platform that integrates exhibitions, seminars, entertainment, art, and science. This unified space is complemented by the presence of an elegant AMG Kaffeehaus.

Reflecting the design concept of “Sensual Purity” synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand, two continuous flowing ribbons shape the environment. These ribbons not only express the brand’s essence but also emphasize the courtyard, creating a welcoming space for the event arena on the ground floor and hospitality terraces on level one. It’s a design that invites you to return, making each visit a harmonious blend of automotive excellence and cultural enrichment.

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