Felt Coffee Dosan / Seoul / WGNB

FELT Coffee, renowned for its distinctive blend of contemporary design and artisanal coffee culture, unveiled its second outpost, FELT Coffee Dosan, on May 10, 2019, igniting a buzz of excitement among coffee aficionados and design enthusiasts alike. Nestled within a dynamic urban landscape, the café shares its space with Juun.J’, an iconic Korean fashion label […]

Coffee Nap Roasters / Seoul / Design Studio Maoom

Nestled in the bustling streets of Seoul, Coffee Nap Roasters offers a serene escape from the city’s frenetic pace. Designed by the talented team at Design Studio Maoom, this cozy coffee spot seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with nods to traditional Korean landscapes, creating a tranquil oasis for weary urbanites. The focal point of the space […]

Foreplan Cafe / Seoul / Demas Rusli

Inspired by the world of architecture, Foreplan Cafe provides a welcoming space where patrons can unwind and draw inspiration from their surroundings. Designed to evoke the ambiance of an architectural practice, Foreplan Cafe’s interior is characterized by its minimalist decor and cozy atmosphere, inviting guests to relax and enjoy a moment of respite from the […]


Parisian Bakery / Cafe in LA / MAAM

Designed by MAAM, this Los Angeles bakery, designed for a young, Parisian couple—a baker and a marketing maven—embraces their romantic story with a design that eschews irony for whimsy and delight. Layering shades of pink, the café becomes a rosy-hued confection, mirroring the pastries on display. To explore cafes worldwide see bestcafedesigns.com. A global directory of […]

Omni Buvette / Luxembourg / 2001 Tbsi

Omni Buvette / Luxembourg / 2001 Tbsi

OMNI: a building as a resource designed by 2001 Tbsi, photography by Ludmilla Cerveny This prefabricated building from 1974 faced demolition due to its rigid and closed-off floorplan, its outdated thermal comfort, and obsolete technical equipment.  To explore european or other cafes worldwide see bestcafedesigns.com. A global directory of cafes and cafe professionals Published with bowerbird However, […]

Mercedes Benz Brand Centre / Dubai / Heller Studios

Designed by Heller Studios, experience the fusion of coffee culture and Mercedes Benz at our reimagined Autohaus in close proximity to Dubai’s design district D3. The ambition behind the transformation was to position Mercedes-Benz as a lifestyle icon, offering a space that goes beyond traditional automotive showrooms. With multiple attractions, our aim is to make […]

Modernism Cafe / IDIN Architects

Designed by IDIN Architects Photographed by SPACESHIFT STUDIO / Ketsiree Wongwan Step into a realm of architectural homage and modernist flair at Bangkok’s innovative Modernism Cafe, where every corner whispers of iconic design influences from visionaries like Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier. This captivating establishment is not just a cafe but a living tribute to […]

Bar London 22 / Slovenia / GAO Architects

Bar London 22 / Slovenia / GAO Architects

Designed by Petra Zakrajšek and Sara Hočevar of GAO Architects, London22 Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a space where simplicity meets artistic expression. Completed in 2019-2020, with a modest 54m² interior and a 47m² exterior, this project reflects the architects’ vision. MIK22, Matjaž and Irena Kozelj, entrusted the realization of this artistic haven to contractor […]

Brownie Project Gallery / Shanghai / Offhand Practice

Situated at M50 Creative Park in Moganshan Road, BROWNIE/Project gallery blends the vibes of arts and commercials seamlessly. This creative park used to be an old woolen mill manufacturing plant, and the building it occupied was transformed from an old factory. Designed by Offhand Practice Photography by Hu Yanyun To explore cafes worldwide see bestcafedesigns.com. A top […]


Cloud Cafe, Victoria Shanghai Academy / MAD Studio

Designed by MAD Studio, the Cloud Café is a popular rendezvous for teachers and students at Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong. As a part of a new extension for the school’s ever-expanding campus, it plays a very important role ensuring staff and student’s well-being and their fondness of the campus.  Photographed by Workshop 10 To […]

100 Best Architectural Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2024

Interim update this time for bestcafedesigns.com  The site recently was ranked in the top 100 architecture blogs globally at feedspot, coming in at no. 75.  (5th amongst Australian architecture blogs on the site) That’s kind of a cool thing considering that I wasn’t aiming for this wider niche, and the whole project was made out […]

container BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

In the heart of Amsterdam’s Heesterveld neighborhood, a once-neglected complex has undergone a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into the community. Designed by OPEN architects | Mulders vandenBerk Architecten, the entire Heesterveld complex has not only received a structural overhaul but has also been infused with a vibrant mix of residents and activities, turning it […]

Collins Street Cafe / First Love Coffee

Description The flagship store for speciality roaster First Love is a showcase for its coffee beans as well as a stand-up coffee bar offering takeaway breakfast, lunch and pastries. The brand’s focus on provenance and sustainability is exemplified through natural materials such as cork, copper, marble, terracotta and rose gum. The colours of the materials […]

Egyptian Coffee / Brown Nose Coffee / Scott Magic

The Divine Inversion As a gift from the Divine, light is the giver of life to many things… from a growing crop to drying fruit to a tree shading one’s afternoon nap There’s a history of cultures and sacred elements in architecture. Some call them Divine Geometry….The position for mere humans stuck living between death and an afterlife. […]

Nunawading Cafe / Manta Ray Coffee Roasters / We are Humble

Tucked away in a former mechanics workshop in Nunawading is the new Manta Ray Coffee Roastery and café by Vincent Gao. The design juxtaposes industrial minimalism with hand-crafted artisanal elements. Vincent wanted to create a space that would give subtle nods to very traditional Chinese design elements without appearing thematic or referential. As you enter […]

Roastery Bali / Expat Coffee / Expat Roasters Seminyak

Taking the coffee world by storm, Indonesia based EXPAT. Roasters have relocated their flagship café and retail experience in Seminyak Bali to larger premises. With bold branding on the mesh wrapped facade as well as in the interior, a retail display greets customers as they enter the store. Immediately the customer is immersed into the […]