Felt Coffee Dosan / Seoul / WGNB

FELT Coffee, renowned for its distinctive blend of contemporary design and artisanal coffee culture, unveiled its second outpost, FELT Coffee Dosan, on May 10, 2019, igniting a buzz of excitement among coffee aficionados and design enthusiasts alike. Nestled within a dynamic urban landscape, the café shares its space with Juun.J’, an iconic Korean fashion label celebrated for its fusion of streetwear aesthetics and sartorial finesse. Crafted in collaboration with the esteemed design firm WGNB, the architectural identity of FELT Coffee Dosan is a testament to innovation and style, capturing the essence of modernity with a nod to urban sophistication.

Photography by Demas Rusli

Set against the backdrop of an acute urban corner, the café’s exterior makes a bold statement with its sleek matte black façade and striking triangular roof form, signaling a departure from conventional architectural norms. Upon entry, guests are welcomed into a space of understated elegance, where a small yet inviting courtyard, adorned with lava-like rock accents, offers a tranquil retreat from the bustling streets outside. Inside, the interiors exude a sense of fluidity and dynamism, characterized by a curved ceiling that ascends gracefully towards a vaulted apex, bathed in natural light streaming through a strategically placed skylight.

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The design ethos continues with an all-black counter, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art coffee machinery and accessories, while a flush counter food display adds a touch of culinary sophistication to the space. FELT Coffee Dosan emerges as a harmonious fusion of design and functionality, inviting patrons to embark on a sensory journey where artistry and innovation converge in every cup.

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