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Coffee House Concepts – Cafes in Drawings Axonometrics and Diagrams

Coffee house concepts epitomize the intersection of design ingenuity and the evolving culture of coffee consumption. Architects and designers showcased on display a myriad of creative approaches to craft unique and inviting spaces that extend beyond mere caffeine refueling stations.

These concepts delve into the nuances of ambiance, fostering environments that range from cozy and intimate retreats to dynamic and collaborative hubs. Infused with cultural and historical narratives, sustainable practices, and adaptable layouts, coffee house concepts redefine the traditional cafe experience.

Technological integration adds a modern touch, seamlessly enhancing convenience without sacrificing the charm of a well-brewed cup. As patrons navigate through these thoughtfully designed spaces, they embark on a sensory journey where architecture becomes a key player in shaping the distinctive character of each coffee house.

The following are coffee house concepts showcased on the featured articles, expressed as drawings, axonometrics and diagrams. This page will be updated regularly and will be a helpful resource for students of architecture.


designed by OHIO Estudio + Eestudio RIPANI

Maros Cafe / Hifi Coffee Eatery / INS Studio

designed by INS Studio

Shanghai Cafe / Aloha Cafe / Atelier IN

designed by Atelier IN

Gulangyu Store / Fujian / Cunpanda

designed by Cunpanda

Urban Cafe / Backhaus / INS Studio

designed by INS Studio

Cat Cafe Bangkok Thailand / Petrichor Cafe / AA+A Architecture

designed by AA+A Architecture

Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished / Anatomy Architecture

designed by AA+A Architecture

Cafe in Makassar / MKO Culture / INS Studio

designed by INS Studio

Adaptive Reuse of an Urban Folk House / Shibuya Cafe / Masashi Miyamoto

designed by Masashi Miyamoto

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