coffee house concepts

Coffee House Concepts – Cafes in Drawings Axonometrics and Diagrams

Coffee house concepts epitomize the intersection of design ingenuity and the evolving culture of coffee consumption. Architects and designers showcased on display a myriad of creative approaches to craft unique and inviting spaces that extend beyond mere caffeine refueling stations. These concepts delve into the nuances of ambiance, fostering environments that range from cozy […]

Front entry-Gulangyu-Store-Fujian-Cunpanda

Gulangyu Store / Fujian / Cunpanda

In 2018, a new cafe named 1/2 opened in Xiamen. In the past 4 years, it has developed into a coffee brand integrating coffee, inn, and customization. During the rapid development period, it plans to launch branches in Xiamen and surrounding islands. CUN PANDA NANA received this design commission. The client expects to create a […]


Kirkuk Mars Coffee House

Crafted by Mustafa Jamal, an architect, interior designer, and graphic designer, the Mars Coffee House at Kirkuk University embodies the concept of ‘framing memories’ with a thoughtful approach. Jamal’s design skillfully integrates wooden panels and dark navy metal beams to create a space that is structurally sound yet symbolically rich. To explore cafes worldwide see […]


La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe / Riyadh Saudi Arabia / Livelli Architects

Nestled in the heart of Riyadh, La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe transcends conventional design boundaries, offering a double-height space that immerses patrons in an enchanting blend of modernity and nature. Crafted by the visionary Israa Azzam, Founder and Interior Architect of Livelli Architects, this culinary haven spans 150m² and promises a unique sensory experience. […]

Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati / London Cafe / Ulfat Designs

Kahwati, a distinctive coffee brand, has its roots embedded in the rich traditions of Arabic and Turkish-style coffee. What began as a family business blossomed into a unique venture by an Arab family in the bustling metropolis of London. Their journey started with a passion for authentic coffee, and it evolved into a broader vision, […]

Forest Cafe / Spiral Cafe / REMM Studio

Designed by R.E.M.M Studio / Maryam Rezazadeh Mazandaran Forest Cafe Spiral Cafe is the design of a small coffee shop in the green space of Mazandaran Forest. This cafe, along with 29 other projects, will form the Izadshahr Forest Park near the Caspian Sea, which is the largest forest eco park in the Middle East. A Spiral […]