La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe / Riyadh Saudi Arabia / Livelli Architects

Nestled in the heart of Riyadh, La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe transcends conventional design boundaries, offering a double-height space that immerses patrons in an enchanting blend of modernity and nature. Crafted by the visionary Israa Azzam, Founder and Interior Architect of Livelli Architects, this culinary haven spans 150m² and promises a unique sensory experience.

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Harmony of Elements

The design concept at La Joie Dose is a testament to the seamless harmony between modern aesthetics and the tranquility of nature. Custom draping light features gracefully illuminate the space, casting a warm glow over the captivating design elements that unfold within.

Captivating Design Features

As patrons enter, they encounter circular signage integrated with flower wreaths, a nod to organic beauty. A curved timber-clad counter becomes the centerpiece, inviting visitors to engage with the space. Overhead, a perforated metal planter adds an industrial touch, harmonizing with the overall design ethos.

Immersive Seating Experience

La Joie Dose goes beyond traditional cafe seating with window-edge seating seamlessly integrated with planting. This innovative touch allows patrons to connect with the surroundings, creating an immersive and cozy atmosphere.

Upcoming Culinary Sanctuary

Set to be unveiled in 2024, La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe is on the cusp of becoming a culinary sanctuary where design innovation converges with gastronomic delight. The anticipation builds for the completion of this transformative space, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Explore the captivating design renders and experience the essence of La Joie Dose Bakery & Cafe, where design innovation meets culinary delight. Visit Livelli Architects for a deeper dive into their world of creative brilliance.

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