Parisian Bakery / Cafe in LA / MAAM

Designed by MAAM, this Los Angeles bakery, designed for a young, Parisian couple—a baker and a marketing maven—embraces their romantic story with a design that eschews irony for whimsy and delight. Layering shades of pink, the café becomes a rosy-hued confection, mirroring the pastries on display.

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Published with Bowerbird

The bakery’s interior features exquisite herringbone wood finishes and unique light fixtures. The herringbone pattern, a classic European motif, is reimagined with a Los Angeles twist, incorporating local wood varieties emblematic of the city’s urban landscape. These light fixtures, subtly representing the bakery’s pastry theme, embody its ethos of blending European charm with Los Angeles’ vibrant spirit, creating a sophisticated and inviting space, much like the city itself.

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