Livia Cafe / Vancouver / Callander Architecture

Livia Cafe / Vancouver / Callander Architecture

In the heart of Vancouver, Livia Cafe, designed by Callander Architecture, effortlessly combines traditional charm with a modern touch. Brendan Callander, the project lead during his time at Birmingham & Wood Architects, worked closely with the client to create a cozy space that pays homage to Italian bakeries while fitting into the unique vibe of Commercial Drive.

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Livia Cafe’s tilework is a highlight, adorning walls and floors. The bakery displays a touch of Italian craftsmanship. The gently curved benchtops add a dash of elegance and community warmth. The exposed ceiling structure gives a nod to Commercial Drive’s character with an industrial touch.

The bakery displays are not just functional but also showcase artistic arrangements, tempting patrons with delightful treats. Executed by Chris Lloyd Contracting, the translation of architectural vision into reality contributes to the welcoming atmosphere of Livia Cafe.

This architectural blend is a collaborative celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the local spirit of Commercial Drive. Livia Cafe is more than just a place to grab a bite; it’s an architectural journey that effortlessly weaves together tradition and modern design.

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