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The following is an interview with The Need for Coffee, and their review of the World of Coffee in Dubai 2024. The more I delve into architecture, design, travel and coffee at (recent entry into top 100 architecture blogs), the more I realise how little I really know about coffee. I’ve been fortunate to interact with people who have a great wealth of knowledge on the subject, and are so gracious to share their experiences and learnings with me. The Need for Coffee are a specialty coffee blog based in Dubai.

World of Coffee Dubai

Can you share your overall experience attending the World of Coffee event in Dubai? What motivated you to participate, and did the event meet your expectations?

When the World of Coffee Dubai 2022 was first announced in 2021, I had the faintest idea that it would scale up every year. This is one of the largest coffee trade show that travels to a different city in Europe every year, but now, every individual from the local specialty coffee scene in Dubai looks forward to visit and take part every year. I can confidently say that all the years of coffee consumption has prepared me for this event, the amount of people I have networked with, and the bulk of information shared results in sensory overload. The event from a consumer’s perspective or even as an enthusiast surpasses all expectations. All your favorite coffee brands and people are present in this event.

Did you come across any new trends, innovations, or products at the event that you found particularly interesting or exciting? How do you think these could impact the broader coffee community?

One of the most exciting tech has to be the Mano (@mano.korea). It is an automatic pour over machine that can brew coffee on different drippers. Everything from the recipe, flow rate, temperature, time, amongst many can be fine tuned. The best part — a skilled barista is required to take advantage of the precision of the Mano. This machine is designed to produce consistent cups of coffee back-to-back but not designed to replace our friends behind the bar.

In terms of innovation, Mokha 1450, a specialty coffee lounge based in Dubai, invented the DSV-1. It is a crystal clear coffee that highlights subtle volatile compounds and the very essence of flavor notes. The skilled baristas of Mokha 1450 then used a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick’s Pure Brew Technology to create a one-of-a-kind clear coffee mocktail to further enhance the aromatics and tasting notes.

Networking is often a significant part of industry events. Can you share any meaningful connections or collaborations you established during the World of Coffee event?

Last year, I had written an article on Boram and Garam Um. We all know that Boram is the World Barista Champion and I had a chance to meet him in person during the World of Coffee Dubai. Every bit humble as I’d expected him to be. The Um family’s coffee story is inspiring, without a doubt.

Were there any specific sessions, workshops, or presentations that you attended and found particularly insightful or beneficial? Can you share some key takeaways or lessons learned?

I couldn’t attend many workshops but out of the few that I did, the cupping of unique vintage processed coffees stood out. Songwa Estates ( were showcasing their coffee at Intellect Coffee. Coffees as old as 2021 was being cupped, and strangely, the older it got, the sweeter and complex it tasted.

As an attendee, how do you think events like the World of Coffee contribute to the growth and development of the coffee industry on a global scale?

Apart from the obvious benefits of networking, knowledge exchange, and showcasing innovations within the coffee industry, I see a different kind of collaboration taking place between producers, roasters, baristas, and consumers. I see the whole coffee value chain now interacting whether it is through a panel discussion or coffee cupping. Additionally, these events raise awareness about different coffee origins, cultures, and brewing techniques, driving advancements in sustainability, technology, and quality standards. ultimately fostering growth and development across the entire coffee supply chain.

Did you encounter any challenges or areas for improvement during your time at the World of Coffee event, or do you have any suggestions to enhance the attendee experience in future editions?

Since the event is a paid entry, I would only suggest a tool or an app to watch recordings of the presentations, meetings or other talks taking place. It was hard to keep track of them all, and it is only fair to the presenters that their content made available to the visitors as a resource.

Looking forward, do you see any potential collaborations or content opportunities for “The Need for Coffee” arising from your experiences at the World of Coffee event in Dubai?

I am always grateful to the coffee community give me an opportunity to collaborate with them. I have worked with several local specialty cafes and roasteries, and an Italian based espresso manufacturer. I am more keen than ever to work with more brands, where both parties mutually benefit. The more I learn about specialty coffee, the more I realize that it is not about the coffee, it’s about the people. Coffee is only a bonus.

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