"A Taste of Home" Will's Home Brew Coffee Station Setup

“A Taste of Home” Will’s Home Brew Coffee Station Setup

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The architect behind the home brew coffee barista setup

Meet William Ng, a trained architect whose home is more than just a place of residence; it’s a canvas for his creative pursuits. By day, he navigates the world of project management, balancing cost, time, and client objectives. Yet, at home, William seamlessly carries forward his creative flair with a humble yet eclectic home coffee setup that reflects his commitment to upcycling and a touch of rustic charm.

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Recycled Coffee maker

The heart of William’s coffee sanctuary? Repurposed wine fridges from a construction site, now serving as practical storage and the base for his coffee station. The benchtop, crafted from reclaimed timber, adds a touch of simplicity and warmth, providing the perfect backdrop for the evolving collection of coffee essentials.

French press, grind and espresso setup

William’s coffee gear is a mix of functionality and personal taste – a Breville grinder, a Gaggia Classic espresso machine, weighing instruments, and pour-over tools, all finding their place on the repurposed wine fridge.   Everything is recycled.  Even the stools, flasks and tampers were pickups from various settings.  Soft task lighting completes the setup, creating an inviting atmosphere for his daily coffee ritual.

Bean display wall

One of the setup’s charming features is William’s collection of coffee bags, proudly displayed on the nearest wall. Each bag carries the branding of different coffee varieties, forming a visual journey through William’s exploration of the world of coffee.

Coffee Brew and DIY Coffee maker

Adding a touch of DIY creativity, William fashioned a needle distributor from guitar string end cuts, a subtle yet personal detail that enhances the uniqueness of his coffee nook. Will also considered minimizing construction waste and reused timber off cuts in a home gaming setup.  It’s a small but meaningful addition to his daily routine, showcasing both his craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable living.

Homely place to make coffee

William Ng’s home coffee setup is a testament to simplicity, creativity, and a love for the daily ritual of brewing delicious roast coffee. It’s a cozy corner that speaks volumes about a person who understands that sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures – like a well-brewed cup of coffee in a thoughtfully designed space – that make a house a home.

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