Islamabad Cafes / Em En caffe

Glamour and comfort set this place apart from a host of excellent Islamabad cafes

Popularly known as ‘Pink Cafe’ (for one very obvious reason), Em En Caffe comes alive with a vibrant pink and floral theme that infuses a sense of frivolity and glamour into the dining experience. The playful use of pink hues and abundant floral accents creates a whimsical and inviting atmosphere, making it a delightful destination for those looking to indulge in a coffee experience surrounded by a garden of colours and positive vibes in Pakistan’s capital city. 

From the fluted pink walls, to the glittery niches, marble counter and tabletops and the circular ceiling lights dripping with flowers restraint is not on the agenda here. In addition, there are feathered angel wings on the walls, Hollywood boudoir style pink seating and cute signs saying “I am sweet enough”, “hey sugar” and “bliss” lit up in pink neon. If film director Greta Gerwig were scouring the world for sets for her next Barbie movie this cafe would be a perfect match. is a global directory of cafes and cafe professionals. Recently ranked top 100 Architectural blogs and websites to follow at feedspot. To see Em En caffe’s listing and leave a review click here

The food is French/Italian inspired with croissants, gelato and pretty pink cakes shaped like rosebuds on the menu and there’s a large courtyard out the back for relaxing al fresco among the rose arbours. 

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no denying the interiors of this most show-stopping of Islamabad cafes are fun to experience. So sashay through the VIP guide ropes at the entrance and let the show begin. 

Photography by Unaiza Karimullah

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Article by Penelope Barker

Em En Caffe, Ground Floor, Block 5e Super Market, F6 Markaz, Islamabad 44000 Pakistan. Open 8.30am to midnight daily. 

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