Best Cafe Exterior Design Ideas

The exterior design of a cafe serves as its visual identity, inviting patrons to step in and experience a cafe or coffee shops space and food and drink offering. In this article, we’ll explore innovative and best cafe exterior design ideas that captivate attention, reflect the cafe’s character and create enticing atmosphere for guests.

Mug ‘n’ Hug / Limassol Cyprus / dogma

In this beautifully designed cafe from Limassol Cyprus, they have a welcoming entry with openable glazed door and windows. The cafe integrates a custom designed external seating against a timber siding of the bar. The seating has beautifully crafted curved bevel edges that show off the high quality furniture plywood. The coffee bar can serve externally as well as internally.

Harudot / Nana Coffee Roasters / IDIN Architects Thailand

Harudot designed by IDIN Architects has a dramatic A frame form in dark external timbers. The front entry is characterised by a large portal frame in timber with double height glazing. Several sections of the cafe are open to the sky with a central feature tree and surrounding seating.

Shanghai Cafe / Aloha Cafe / Atelier IN

This is a small and quaint cafe in Shanghai by Atelier IN. It has a rich and distinctive red brick and frame colour. There are integrated booth seating on the inside and outside of the window. The distinctive face brick is stacked and continues from the outside to the interior detailing.

Alpine Cafe / Cang 41 / Sanctuary in the Snow / JUMGO Creative

Distinctive and bold red colours define this Alpine Cafe designed by JUMGO Creative. The red colour and form and detailing mimic a scientific research facility, with beautifully contrasting interiors.

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