Mug ‘n’ Hug / Limassol Cyprus / dogma

In the heart of Limassol, Cyprus, a sensory haven unfolds, guided by the principles of efficiency, ritual, process, and indulgence. Designed by Dogma Architects, this space is not just a coffee and tea shop; it is a symphony of meticulous details and thoughtful zoning that elevates the act of savoring these beverages into a captivating experience.

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The spatial layout mirrors the client’s vision, with preparation and serving areas gracefully positioned on one edge, while exhibition and sampling unfold on the opposite side. The interplay of zones is choreographed to perfection, with the boundary between them becoming a canvas for customisation and engaging workshop tutorials. Visitor seating flanks both sides of the shop front, providing a comfortable oasis for those seeking a moment of respite.

Every aspect of the space is a testament to the performative and customisable nature of the coffee and tea-making process. Dogma Architects envisioned and executed completely customised fixed and mobile elements, where even the shelves seamlessly transition between on and off-service states. A dance of contrasts emerges as coffee bean bags find their place alongside tea tins in different corners, showcasing a harmonious coexistence.

Machinery takes center stage on counter-height tables, becoming a focal point for personalised workshops that unfold before the curious eyes of visitors. The exterior space, a shallow ribbon of available territory, becomes an extension of the experience. Here, the ancient Mediterranean tradition of utilizing public spaces with domestic furniture is beautifully brought to life.

Designed with every edge bevelled beautifully and every detail exquisitely crafted, this space becomes a canvas that evolves throughout the day. The warm materials embrace the play of light and shadows cast by the sun, creating a dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere. It’s not merely a coffee and tea shop; it’s a crafted ritual, an ode to the timeless artistry of making and enjoying these beverages in a setting that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design.

Photographed by Creative Photo Room

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