Cafe Rome / Faro Luminari del Caffè Specialty

Cafe Rome / Faro Luminari del Caffè Specialty, established in 2016 by the visionary trio of Daphne, Dario, and Arturo, is a beacon of independent specialty coffee culture in the heart of Rome. With a commitment to redefining the coffee experience, they artfully blend quantity, quality, and atmosphere under a lofted ceiling adorned with a gleaming La Marzocca espresso machine and Makhong/Mazzer grinders. Nestled in a charming corner location, the cafe’s playful floor tile pattern and a menu featuring aeropress and filter coffee create an inviting space where every visit is an immersive journey into the world of artisanal coffee.

Photography by Ali Kazem Alilou

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Project Location: Cafe Rome / Faro Luminari del Caffè Specialty

Via Piave, 55, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

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