Black Hat Coffee Specialty Espresso Bar / Hamburg

We recently connected with Slava and Inna Zamikhovska of Black Hat Coffee Specialty Espresso Bar. In true cross-cultural fashion, they are coffee entrepreneurs from Odessa, Ukraine, who have established Black Hat Coffee in Hamburg since 2018. In this interview, we discuss their journey in setting up the café, the design elements that resonate with them […]

Sets Cafe Berlin

“Sets Cafe Berlin is a visual masterpiece of design, with its intricately patterned cornices and circular mirrors adorning the walls. These decorative elements give the cafe an artistic and captivating ambiance that is sure to mesmerize visitors. Its warm and inviting interiors provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cup of coffee, making Sets Cafe […]

Best Berlin Cafes / Callas Cafe Bar

“Step back in time and immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of Best Berlin Cafes, Callas Cafe Bar. This cafe oozes a retro aesthetic that pays homage to cinema history, with vintage movie posters and memorabilia adorning its walls. The cafe’s captivating displays take you on a cinematic journey, making it a perfect destination for […]

Best Cafes in Berlin / Aera

“Best Cafes in Berlin/Aera is a culinary haven that seamlessly blends modern design with natural beauty. Its landscaped courtyard, adorned with vibrant art installations, provides a serene oasis for patrons to enjoy their coffee and pastries in an enchanting setting. Inside, the cafe boasts dark and sleek interiors, accentuated by warm timber finishes and an […]

Cafe in Wuppertal / Café Lieber

Nestled within the vibrant urban landscape of Wuppertal, Café Lieber emerges as a design haven, seamlessly blending into its surroundings while offering a unique refuge for coffee enthusiasts. This cafe is a focal point where architectural elegance converges with the dynamic energy of Wuppertal. To explore cafes worldwide see A global directory of cafes and cafe professionals […]

Brunch Wuppertal / Xafe

Brunch Wuppertal / Xafe stands out as a hidden gem within a captivating laneway setting, inviting patrons to discover its culinary delights tucked away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The cafe boasts a modern industrial aesthetic, featuring exposed ceilings, sleek metal accents, and large windows that flood the space with natural light. With its […]

Cafe Wuppertal / Kaffee Engel

Cafe Wuppertal / Kaffee Engel exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere with its rich, dark timber aesthetic. The café’s interior showcases a harmonious blend of warm wood tones, creating a welcoming and intimate space for patrons to enjoy their coffee. With its emphasis on natural materials and earthy hues, Cafe Wuppertal promises a haven for […]

Velvet Cafe near me

Velvet Cafe, conveniently located in Dusseldorf, stands out with its captivating design featuring glazed partitions that create an open and inviting atmosphere. Complemented by lofty industrial and exposed ceilings, this cafe offers a harmonious blend of modern elegance and industrial chic, making it the perfect place to enjoy your coffee while appreciating the fusion of […]

Kyto Coffee Shop

Kyto Coffee Shop in Dusseldorf boasts an industrial-inspired interior that adds a touch of modern urban flair to the city’s coffee scene. With its exposed pipes, raw materials, and minimalist design, this café offers a distinctive ambiance for patrons to savor their coffee in a setting that effortlessly combines the art of coffee-making with contemporary […]

Dusseldorf Cafe / Das Coffe

Dusseldorf Cafe, or Das Coffe, offers a unique heritage corner setting enhanced by its stunning timber batten interior. This cozy café not only provides a welcoming environment to enjoy your coffee but also pays homage to its historical surroundings, making it a delightful spot for patrons to relish their beverages while surrounded by a blend […]