Best Cafes in Berlin / Aera

“Best Cafes in Berlin/Aera is a culinary haven that seamlessly blends modern design with natural beauty. Its landscaped courtyard, adorned with vibrant art installations, provides a serene oasis for patrons to enjoy their coffee and pastries in an enchanting setting. Inside, the cafe boasts dark and sleek interiors, accentuated by warm timber finishes and an enticing bakery display, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts and art lovers alike.”

Text by owner

“Ava puts much of the success of AERA bread down to simplicity; focusing on perfecting one thing at a time and the same philosophy can be seen in AERA’s visual identity. The bakery, coffee shop hybrid is minimal and sleek, lit with warm strips of light and dotted with cheese plants. Unlike traditional bakeries, where bundles of bread are stacked behind the counter, the products at AERA sit in a uniform row behind glass- in Ava’s words, “you know what you’re getting”. She acknowledges that the bakery wasn’t always so beautiful, “in the beginning, it was very ugly, it was just white walls because it was a garage. We built the space together with Modiste Studios, who also designed Bonanza Coffee in Kreuzberg. We basically just wanted to make the space as useful as possible.” 

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Photography by Niculae Vladimir

Project location: Best Cafes in Berlin / Aera

Fasanenstraße 74, 10719 Berlin, Germany

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