Black Hat Coffee Specialty Espresso Bar / Hamburg

We recently connected with Slava and Inna Zamikhovska of Black Hat Coffee Specialty Espresso Bar. In true cross-cultural fashion, they are coffee entrepreneurs from Odessa, Ukraine, who have established Black Hat Coffee in Hamburg since 2018. In this interview, we discuss their journey in setting up the café, the design elements that resonate with them […]

Cupping Room Coffee Roasters / Causeway Bay HK / Unite Unit

Visiting the newly-opened Cupping Room at Lee Garden is not only a pleasant journey that stimulates one’s palate, but also a visual treat that appeals to the senses. The open-plan space of the cafe designed by Unite Unit, welcomes you with a pared-down, uniquely crafted setting that adds sophistication to the brand and targets the […]

Koyo Base / Toki City / Gifu / Atelier Write

At, we appreciate projects that blend heritage with modern design, and KOYO BASE in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, does just that. Designed by Atelier Write and photographed by Kenta Hasegawa, this project transforms a former warehouse into a dining café and ceramic store, celebrating Toki City’s rich ceramic tradition known for its high-quality clay […]

Cafe Bar Misto / Pontevedra / Nan Arquitectos

At, we have the pleasure of collaborating with architects from around the globe who bring innovative and captivating café designs to life. Recently, we had the opportunity to explore a remarkable project inspired by the Galician word “misto,” meaning match. This design concept, skillfully executed by our featured architects Nan Arquitectos, uses the match’s […]

Nodi Coffee Plus / Hong Kong / Unite Unit

Unite Unit’s approach to designing Nodi Coffee’s latest outpost, Nodi Coffee Plus, skillfully blends the precision of a laboratory with the allure of a contemporary art gallery. This design philosophy transforms the coffee shop into a futuristic space that not only serves as a place to enjoy a cup of coffee but also as an […]

Mora Mora Colima / Mexico City / Alfille Arquitectos

In the heart of Mexico City, Mora Mora Colima designed by Alfille Arquitectos emerges as a flagship vegan restaurant and supermarket, blending sustainability with thoughtful design. The name “Mora Mora” reflects a leisurely pace, contrasting with the city’s dynamic energy, while “Colima” highlights the location’s rich cultural heritage. This unique hybrid space embodies a new […]

Sustainability and Coffee – Interview with EcoBarista

One thing I would like to do at is broaden the topics investigated that interest our general audience of designers / cafe operators / baristas / travellers and coffee lovers. I’m personally interested in how sustainability is integrated into the general coffee drinking experience. I got in touch with EcoBarista’s Brand and Marketing Strategist, […]

Ahora / Buenos Aires / Ohioestudio

Designed by Ohio Photographed by Luis Barandiaran AHORA is a restaurant with a Comfort Food gastronomic proposal. After a pandemic, the concept of present time has been redefined. Our interest lies in redefining the conventional, focusing on transforming materials through concrete experimentation or by using them in unexpected ways. We consider preexistence as the starting point […]

Micah Coffee Brewers / Melbourne / Rptecture

Rptecture Architects design for Micah Coffee Brewers in Melbourne is minimalist, elegant and pure. From its fully glazed shopfront to its centralised coffee counter flanked by integrated timber benches, every element of the design is thoughtfully curated to create a sense of serenity and focus. At Micah Coffee Brewers, the emphasis is on the essence […]

Roste Chocolate House / Portland / Gabe Headrick

Introducing Roste Chocolate House, a delightful blend of chocolate production and cafe nestled in Portland’s vibrant Pearl district. What sets this establishment apart is its authentic chocolate production display, where patrons can witness the art of chocolate-making firsthand. The combination of exposed services and green highlights adds an industrial yet inviting charm to the space, […]

25:8 Creative Coffee Collective / Ottawa / 25:8 Architecture

Architects love hybrid spaces that socialize architectural practice. I have always been drawn to concepts that push the boundaries of traditional cafe design, and the 25:8 Creative Coffee Collective certainly does just that. This hybrid model offers a third space for design professionals and the public alike, blurring the lines between workspace and social hub. […]

SHOWAY ARTS SPACE / Qingpu District / Shanghai / Topos Design

As an architect and the founder of, I have always been drawn to cafe spaces that support public buildings, offering a sense of community and vibrancy to their surroundings. Showay, located within the expansive National Exhibition and Convention Center in Qingpu District, Shanghai, is a prime example of this ethos. Serving as a creative […]


Migrant Kitchen Story / New York / JBA Collective and MEAN Design

Migrant Kitchen Cafe in New York, is characterised by its sculptural enclosure made of laser-cut plywood lattice, which serves as both a functional wall lining and an eye-catching feature ceiling. This design choice creates captivating vistas throughout the space, especially when viewed from different angles. The integration of the plywood with the seating adds a […]

Felt Coffee Dosan / Seoul / WGNB

FELT Coffee, renowned for its distinctive blend of contemporary design and artisanal coffee culture, unveiled its second outpost, FELT Coffee Dosan, on May 10, 2019, igniting a buzz of excitement among coffee aficionados and design enthusiasts alike. Nestled within a dynamic urban landscape, the café shares its space with Juun.J’, an iconic Korean fashion label […]