Cloud Cafe, Victoria Shanghai Academy / MAD Studio

Designed by MAD Studio, the Cloud Café is a popular rendezvous for teachers and students at Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong. As a part of a new extension for the school’s ever-expanding campus, it plays a very important role ensuring staff and student’s well-being and their fondness of the campus.  Photographed by Workshop 10 To […]

Alchemy Origin / Metagram

Project Type: CafeLocation: Two Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, GF Lobby​Design Team: John Chow, Renee Chow / MetagramLighting Designer: Light Origin Studio​Accolades:Muse 2023 Season 2 – Gold Award Architects text Metagram has designed Alchemy Origin, the newest cafe addition to the Alchemy Coffee group, in the premier business district of Tai Koo Place in Hong Kong’s […]

Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram

COMPLETED NOVEMBER 2019 Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Boutique Cafe; Full-Scope Design Text by Architect / Metagram Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram The concept for the cafe was inspired by the rich red-brown colors of coffee crema. Using a white base to create an atmosphere of lightness and to reflect in maximum daylight, we used […]

Fineprint HK / Metagram

Kiosk Cafe Lead Designers – John Chow; Renee Chow / Metagram Fineprint HK / Metagram Featuring an industrial palette of materials, the cafe’s cubic form both contrasts with and complements the lofty stone atrium of Three Exchange Square in Hong Kong’s Central District.  A frame of aged steel boldly demarcates the kiosk within an equally […]

Espresso Alchemy Harbour City / Metagram

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong​Boutique Cafe; Full-Scope Design​Award Winning:Silver (DrivenxDesign HK21) Text by Architect / Metagram The objective of the Espresso Alchemy café design in Hong Kong’s Harbour City mall was to visually connect two disjointed but adjacent spaces. Metagram inserted vividly coloured architectural forms in order to create this iconic design. The site located […]

Hong Kong Cafe / Hap Coffee

Hong Kong Cafe, known as Hap Coffee, welcomes patrons with its striking design elements. Its full glass frontage bathes the interior in natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. Complemented by playful blue signage and integrated landscape bench seating, the cafe’s white and timber interior exudes a harmonious blend of modernity and warmth, promising a delightful […]

Cafe Hong Kong / Whatever Coffee

Cafe Hong Kong / Whatever Coffee has a raw concrete aesthetic, channeling an urban-industrial vibe that blends seamlessly with its grungy street presence. Inside, the cafe’s comic displays inject a playful and eclectic twist, creating an engaging environment for patrons to savor their favorite brews. With a bold fusion of gritty charm and artistic flair, […]

Hk Cafe / Artista Perfetto

Hk Cafe / Artista Perfetto offers a distinctive and artistic dining experience with its unique plywood ceiling installation, creating a visually captivating canopy that adds a touch of whimsy to the space. The cafe’s bright window seats and raw aesthetic accentuate its modern-industrial charm, offering patrons a cozy spot to enjoy their coffee and treats […]