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Kiosk Cafe

Lead Designers – John Chow; Renee Chow / Metagram

kiosk Fineprint HK / Metagram

Fineprint HK / Metagram Featuring an industrial palette of materials, the cafe’s cubic form both contrasts with and complements the lofty stone atrium of Three Exchange Square in Hong Kong’s Central District. 

store counter Fineprint HK / Metagram

A frame of aged steel boldly demarcates the kiosk within an equally rectilinear lobby, setting distinct elevations facing each entry of the space. Within the frame blackened steel, micro-cement rendering, glass bricks and splashes of brass are reminiscent of the Australian cafe aesthetic that the FINEPRINT brand famously brings to Hong Kong. 

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A landscape of bespoke furniture, providing a range of seating modes is distributed through the lobby providing a contemporary layer, helping to create a modern setting. At the center of this landscape is a sculpture by Chu Hon Sun called “Mankind”, commissioned in 1989 and pre-existing in the lobby site. The kiosk and furniture, set against the lobby and contemporary sculpture form a comfortable and approachable dining experience. 

Photography by Studio-UNIT

Project location: Fineprint HK / Metagram

1/F, Three, Two Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Pl, Central

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