Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram


Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Boutique Cafe; Full-Scope Design

Text by Architect / Metagram

seating area Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram

Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram

The concept for the cafe was inspired by the rich red-brown colors of coffee crema. Using a white base to create an atmosphere of lightness and to reflect in maximum daylight, we used a selection of red toned materials, each with a unique quality to express different elements of the architecture.

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The most visible event, the bar bench, positioned parallel to the mall corridor gives the frontage impetus and provides a strong visual edge to define the space. Clad in triangular terra-cotta pigmented concrete tiles with distinct three dimensional fluting, the dynamic material breaks down the monolith into a play of pattern and geometry. 

banquette seating Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram

The working surface, a carefully selected terrazzo, features shards of red marble; the material clads other spatial volumes providing a visual link. 

Smokey red glass and antique mirror creates a product shelf built against the longest wall, providing a backdrop with ephemeral qualities and widening the appearance of the space. Glass at the store entry  boldly frames a raw copper logo.

interior entry Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram

The floor, predominantly white is comprised of diamond mosaics with red grout; the oxidized iron pendant lights are suspended from “V” shape cords,both echoing geometric undertones. The ceiling is framed by a gypsum bulkhead which conceals the services whilst retaining ceiling height.

Finally, a compact arrangement of 35 white tables and chairs offer three modes of seating, fulfilling the commercial brief and providing a dynamic environment for patrons. The banquette base and a pair of fiddle figs add a splash of green, grounding the design. 

Photography by Metagram

Project Location: Espresso Alchemy Nina Tower / Metagram

Shop G02, Nina Mall, 1 8 Yeung Uk Rd, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

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