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Explore Unique Cafe Designs Near You specializes in curating the most captivating laneway cafe designs, where charm meets innovation in enchanting urban hideaways. With an astute eye for detail and a passion for the intimate allure of laneway culture, traverses city streets to uncover hidden gems that redefine the cafe experience. From cozy alcoves adorned with vibrant street art to chic, understated spaces tucked away in bustling laneways, each cafe selected by exudes its own distinct character while embodying the essence of laneway charm. These curated spaces not only offer a delightful escape from the urban hustle but also serve as incubators of creativity and community. By showcasing these architectural treasures, celebrates the magic of laneway cafes and their role in shaping the fabric of urban life.

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Best Cafe Designs is a directory of cafes and cafe professionals (designers, photographers and builders).  It is a fully functional review site curated for the design community, connecting product suppliers, architects, cafes, and travellers.


The site is ranked in the top 100 architecture blogs worldwide and is a design publication. It features articles by Penelope Barker, a former editor at Vogue Living, Belle and Indesign magazines, and a well respected writer in the architecture and design space.


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“If you’re an architect who designs cafes, this is exactly the type of publication startup you want to see thrive.  A fantastic publication to support.”

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“We are thrilled that provides a platform for designers to showcase and to be discovered in this unique and dynamic niche.”

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“This platform is exceptional, catering to diverse demographics. Whether you’re a casual traveler or a seasoned designer, it’s a goldmine of inspiration.”

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