Mora Mora Colima / Mexico City / Alfille Arquitectos

In the heart of Mexico City, Mora Mora Colima designed by Alfille Arquitectos emerges as a flagship vegan restaurant and supermarket, blending sustainability with thoughtful design. The name “Mora Mora” reflects a leisurely pace, contrasting with the city’s dynamic energy, while “Colima” highlights the location’s rich cultural heritage. This unique hybrid space embodies a new wave of conscious consumerism, where dining and shopping merge to offer patrons an immersive experience in sustainable living. Designed by our architects, every aspect of Mora Mora Colima reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility, from locally sourced materials to an innovative layout that encourages community and connection.

Central to the design is the carefully curated courtyard, serving as a serene oasis that connects the market and the café. This space is clad in artisanal materials that reduce the carbon footprint while celebrating the region’s unique aesthetic. Custom fixed furniture, including the standout bent steel bench that transforms into an overhead shelf, showcases our dedication to functional artistry. These elements maximize space and create a cohesive environment that invites patrons to linger and engage. By merging a market and café within a single venue, Mora Mora Colima offers a holistic experience that promotes mindful consumption and sustainability, setting a new standard for eco-conscious design in urban spaces.

Architects Description

In the heart of Mexico City, this flagship vegan restaurant and supermarket stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting spaces that transcend mere aesthetics, emerging as beacons of sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Designed by Alfille Arquitectos

Photographed by Cesar Belio

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Envisioned as an immersive experience, our design not only mirrors the brand’s philosophy but also seamlessly integrates with the dynamic shifts in our ever-evolving world. Each detail, curve, and material choice has been meticulously curated to prioritize the collective well-being of the planet, and its inhabitants. 

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Our dedication to transmit the brand philosophy led us on a quest to search for materials that narrate tales of locality and craftsmanship. Every material, meticulously selected and seamlessly woven into the design, not only diminishes the carbon footprint associated with transportation but also exalts the unique beauty inherent to our region. The space, adorned with artisanal materials, transcends the ordinary, offering a visual narrative that harmonizes with the essence of our surroundings. 

Going beyond the ordinary, our commitment to sustainability is manifest in the intentional use of materials that breathe new life into discarded waste, thereby diminishing our environmental impact. The essence of this space extends beyond mere visual appeal; it resonates as a living testament to a conscious design philosophy. 

Within these walls, patrons embark on a culinary journey, exploring a diverse array of vegan products ranging from locally sourced fresh foods to pantry essentials—all within the comfort of a singular destination. 

Divided into two distinct spaces, the store is bridged by a carefully designed patio, an architectural intention that seamlessly connects the bustling market with the laid-back restaurant. This patio isn’t just a space; it serves as a transition zone where the vibrancy of the city converges with the tranquility of a casual dining. Serving as the pulsating heart of the environment, it fosters a profound sense of community, connection, and shared values among the patrons. 

The intentional fusion of the restaurant and supermarket represents an architectural innovation aimed at providing a holistic experience for the customers. Our clear architectural intent is to offer more than just a dining and shopping place—it is a harmonious space where conscious consumption seamlessly becomes a lifestyle. 

This flagship vegan restaurant and supermarket transcend the realm of mere structures; they serve as tangible reflections of a sustainable way of life. As architects, we take immense pride in contributing to a narrative that harmoniously intertwines the well-being of the planet, its people, and the animals. This space stands not merely as a testament to our design but as a manifesto for a brighter, greener future—a future where innovation and consciousness converge to redefine our relationship with the spaces we inhabit.

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