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Café bar with a Cozy Atmosphere

The cafe bar in Colo Coffee Andes, seeks to create a cozy atmosphere that combines warmth with the tropical lushness that characterizes coffee growing areas in Colombia. Traditionally, the concept of coffee in the country has been associated with a very classic and traditional style, but we wanted to honor the natural beauty of the places where coffee is grown. That is why we were inspired by the landscape to create a tropical space, using raw materials such as bamboo on the ceilings and tactile fibers and textures in other decorative elements.

Text by architect studio CREARQ

Photography by Mateo Soto

Cafe bar

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Warm and welcoming Colombiano café bar experience

However, we felt that something was still missing to achieve the cozy atmosphere we were looking for. That was when we decided to focus on lighting and material selection to give Colo that special touch that would make it feel like home. Thus, we combined different textures, such as wood and fibers, to create a warm and welcoming feeling in the space.

Versatile student focused space / café colombiano

The context of the cafe bar was an important factor to consider, as the space was located in a university area. Therefore, we took advantage of this opportunity to create a versatile environment that offered different seating options for the users, mostly students. We designed cozy rooms to encourage relaxed conversations in groups with friends, private booths for couples, tables and study areas with libraries specifically designed for the use of students.

Project Location: Bogota Cafe bar Colombiano / Colo Coffee Andes / CREARQ

Dg. 20A #0-06, Santa Fé, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

el mejor café Open daily for breakfast, brunch and dinner from 7am-8pm

el mejor café servicio

“Colo Coffee Andes es un lugar acogedor en el corazón de Cartagena de la época. Su ambiente de la casa es perfecto para disfrutar de bebidas y comida de la casa. Nuestro café es un refugio donde nuestros clientes pueden relajarse y disfrutar de deliciosas bebidas y comida de la casa, haciendo de Colo Coffee Andes un lugar excepcional en Cartagena.”

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We are architects of experiences, we believe in stories, we want to hear them, give them life and turn them into spaces. We structure ideas and communicate emotions, which is why we want to understand each project that comes into our hands perfectly to give it consistent life. We investigate your past, your roots and project them to your most intimate hopes for the future.

We specialize in Architecture and Creative Interior Design of residential and hospitality projects, which is why we understand the conceptualization of a space as the backbone of the project.

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