Harudot / Chonburi / IDIN Architects Thailand

The genesis of Harudot stems from a collaboration between the Nana Coffee Roasters brand owner and a landlord with a passion for plants with unique forms, culminating in a harmonious fusion of coffee culture and botanical aesthetics. Architecture and Interiors by IDIN Architects Landscape design by Youkubdin Constructed by Wimutti Construction Limited Partnership Photography by […]

Vancouver Cafe / Giovane Caffee / Waoffice

Designed by Waissbluth Architecture Office Vancouver coffee shop Located in the recently completed Deloitte Summit office development, the project is the second location of the Vancouver based, Giovane Caffe. For further American Cafe designs click he Best Coffee bar and lobby Giovane at 410 West Georgia is a cafe focusing on creating an environment that balances the many […]

Bogota Review / Colo Coffee Usaquén / CREARQ

Text by architect studio CREARQ Photography by Mateo Soto for other American cafes click here Bogota Colo Coffee Usaquén Colo, a space for coffee, friends, music, and people. A space for moments, memories and coffee. Unique ambience  at Colo Coffee Roasters Through its design, we wanted to encourage people to find different ways to use the space. […]

Bogota Cafe bar Colombiano / Colo Coffee Andes / CREARQ

Café bar with a Cozy Atmosphere The cafe bar in Colo Coffee Andes, seeks to create a cozy atmosphere that combines warmth with the tropical lushness that characterizes coffee growing areas in Colombia. Traditionally, the concept of coffee in the country has been associated with a very classic and traditional style, but we wanted to […]

Forest Cafe / Spiral Cafe / REMM Studio

Designed by R.E.M.M Studio / Maryam Rezazadeh Mazandaran Forest Cafe Spiral Cafe is the design of a small coffee shop in the green space of Mazandaran Forest. This cafe, along with 29 other projects, will form the Izadshahr Forest Park near the Caspian Sea, which is the largest forest eco park in the Middle East. A Spiral […]

Coffee Shop in Phnom Penh / Pleng Chan

Pleng Chan: Where Nature, Art, and Coffee Harmony Flourish in an Urban Coffee Shop in Phnom Penh Nestled in the heart of bustling Phnom Penh, Pleng Chan is a meticulously landscaped oasis that seamlessly blends urban living with nature’s tranquility. This enchanting cafe is a haven for bookworms and budding music apprentices, offering a respite […]

Makati Cafe / Annex House Manila

Makati Cafe / Annex House Manila

Introduction to Annex House Makati Nestled in the pulsating heart of Poblacion, Makati Cafe at Annex House Manila emerges as a cultural haven, ingeniously housed within a post-war Filipino ancestral home. This distinctive establishment transcends traditional definitions, seamlessly blending the roles of sunroom, garden, coffee shop, boutique, and design studio. Annex House Manila beckons patrons into a […]

Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical

Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical

Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical is not only a uniquely styled space, it also has a life of its own as a gallery showcasing a captivating collection of copyrighted artworks created by talented local artists.   Photography provided by Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical also places a strong emphasis […]

Best Cafe in Bangkok / Risu Cafe

Best Cafe in Bangkok / Risu Cafe, designed by the renowned ForX Design Studio, stands out as a multifunctional haven that seamlessly blends a home, cafe, and co-working space into one harmonious setting. Its distinctiveness lies in the presence of a beautiful central landscaped courtyard that bathes the interiors in abundant natural light, creating an […]

Bangkok Cafes / Floral Café at Napasorn

Bangkok Cafes / Floral Café at Napasorn is a visual delight that immerses visitors in a world of breathtaking floral displays. Nestled amid eclectic furniture and vintage coffee machines, this cafe offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere that combines the charm of yesteryears with the beauty of nature. It’s a haven for coffee enthusiasts and […]

Cafe Constanta / Botanica

Cafe Constanta / Botanica

Cafe Constanta / Botanica Botanica Constanta: Where Nature and Cuisine Converge in Perfect Harmony In the heart of Constanta, Romania, a unique culinary haven awaits – Botanica Constanta. This extraordinary café, also known as Cafe Constanta, seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with the art of gastronomy, providing patrons with an immersive dining experience like […]

Lindfield Cafe / Goodfields Eatery

Lindfield cafe Goodfields Eatery is a lush indoor oasis designed to charm. Adjacent to Lindfield train station on Sydney’s North Shore, Goodfields Eatery designed by Giant Design is a dining destination that seamlessly marries convenience with unique and playful aesthetics. The all-day breakfast and lunch space was created by father and son duo George and Anthony Karnasiotis […]

Royal North Shore Hospital / Small Doses Cafe

Located within the Royal North Shore Hospital, Small Doses Cafe offers a tranquil respite for both medical professionals and visitors alike. This oasis of calm amidst the bustling hospital environment provides a soothing space where patrons can recharge and rejuvenate, fostering a sense of comfort and solace amidst the challenges of healthcare, making it a […]

Lviv Cafe / Kopalnia Kava

Kopalnia Kava in Lviv beckons with its enchanting design, boasting an eclectic daylit courtyard that offers a tranquil oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Rustic displays within the café create an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the old world with the modern, inviting patrons to savor their coffee surrounded by a harmonious fusion of nature […]

PKV Coffee Shop

PKV Coffee Shop stands out with its nostalgic retro aesthetic that transports patrons to a bygone era. Every detail, from vintage furnishings to classic decor, contributes to an inviting atmosphere that invites coffee enthusiasts to savor their brews amidst a charming blast from the past. Photography by Tazrian Arwa For further European Cafe designs click here […]

debrecen coffee shop green wood

Debrecen Coffee Shop / Green Wood

Debrecen Coffee Shop, Green Wood, invites patrons into a serene oasis with its unique green wall display. Lush foliage adorns the interior, infusing the cafe with a breath of natural freshness, and creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere for coffee aficionados to enjoy their brews. Photography by Tazrian Arwa For further European Cafe designs click here […]

coffee shop in barranco Felicia y Domingo

Coffee Shop in Barranco / Felicia y Domingo

The Barranco coffee shop, Felicia y Domingo, is a visual delight with its charming design. Characterized by its welcoming and artistic ambiance, the cafe beckons patrons with its eclectic blend of furnishings and decor, offering a unique and inviting space to savor coffee and creative inspiration in the vibrant neighborhood of Barranco. Photography by Kaybeth […]

Americano Espresso / Ciclos Cafe

Americano Espresso, home to Ciclos Cafe, shines brightly with its cheerful yellow decor. This vibrant design choice infuses the cafe with a sunny and welcoming ambiance, creating a lively and inviting space where patrons can savor their coffee in a burst of color and positivity. Photography by Kaybeth Pacheco For further American Cafe designs click here […]