Constanţa Beach Coffee Shop / Salt & Sand

Constanţa Beach Coffee Shop/Salt & Sand offers a beachfront oasis that perfectly complements its seaside location. The lightweight stick shelter provides shade and a laid-back atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their refreshments while soaking up the sun and the stunning sea views. With its convenient kiosk servery, this beachside haven promises a delightful and hassle-free […]

Constanta County / Înlarg

Constanta County / Înlarg seaside location is beautifully celebrated in its design, with a timber batten theme that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with natural elements. The exposed ceiling adds an industrial edge to the ambiance, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere that reflects the rugged beauty of the coastal landscape. Whether you’re a local or […]

Constanța Coffee House / Haute Cup

Constanța Coffee House / Haute Cup invites coffee addicts and enthusiasts into a captivating world of caffeine culture, with its chic and cozy design. The café is adorned with a mesmerizing blue lighting theme, creating an ambiance that’s both soothing and energizing, setting the stage for a memorable coffee experience. Its activated front seating bay […]

Constanta Romania / Cafe do Brasil

Constanta Romania / Cafe do Brasil presents a unique dining experience with its expansive outdoor covered area, providing a comfortable and atmospheric setting for guests to enjoy their meals. While savoring Brazilian cuisine, diners can also catch live TV broadcasts, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for sports enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike. Whether you’re […]

Cafe Constanta / Botanica

Cafe Constanta / Botanica

Cafe Constanta / Botanica Botanica Constanta: Where Nature and Cuisine Converge in Perfect Harmony In the heart of Constanta, Romania, a unique culinary haven awaits – Botanica Constanta. This extraordinary café, also known as Cafe Constanta, seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with the art of gastronomy, providing patrons with an immersive dining experience like […]

Sibiu Cafe / Lumos

Sibiu Cafe, Lumos, enchants visitors with its elegant design featuring graceful arches and curved seating and furnishings. The cafe’s architectural elements and thoughtfully chosen decor create an inviting and artistic atmosphere, offering patrons a unique and comfortable space to savor their coffee in the picturesque city of Sibiu. Photography by Mariia Konovalova For further European […]

Coffee Shop Sibiu / NOD Prăjitoria de cafea

Coffee Shop Sibiu, known as NOD Prăjitoria de cafea, offers a captivating design experience, featuring an exposed timber ceiling that adds a touch of rustic charm to the interior. The cafe’s striking contrast with its ornate external garden creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, inviting patrons to enjoy their coffee amidst a […]

Cafe Sibiu / Hug the Plate Promenada

This popular Cafe Sibiu offers brunch with a view in Romania’s most idyllic city There are two popular Hug the Plate cafes in the city of Sibiu in Central Romania. Hug the Plate Promenada, boasts a distinctive design that harmoniously blends sunshading elements with breathtaking views of the historic town. The cafe’s innovative architectural features […]

Coffee Shop Bucharest / Van Gogh Cafe

Coffee Shop Bucharest, affectionately named Grand Cafe Van Gogh, pays homage to the legendary artist with its artfully designed interior inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces. From the vivid colors to the swirling patterns reminiscent of his iconic works, this café offers a sensory journey into the world of art and coffee, inviting patrons to […]

Bucharest Cafe / Entourage

Bucharest Cafe, also known as Entourage, invites patrons to experience its unique blend of industrial charm with its exposed ceiling, creating an urban-cool ambiance indoors. Step outside to the lush landscaped outdoor seating area, where you can enjoy your coffee in the midst of nature, making it a versatile and appealing destination for both city […]

AD Cafe Bucuresti / Origo

This AD cafe Bucuresti helped put the Romanian capital on the specialty coffee map In the heart of Bucharest’s Old Town, Origo Coffee enchants visitors with its captivating lofted and exposed timber ceiling, lending a rustic yet contemporary charm to the space. As an added touch of intrigue, an artful hanging display adorns the cafe, […]