Cafe Sibiu / Hug the Plate Promenada

This popular Cafe Sibiu offers brunch with a view in Romania’s most idyllic city

There are two popular Hug the Plate cafes in the city of Sibiu in Central Romania. Hug the Plate Promenada, boasts a distinctive design that harmoniously blends sunshading elements with breathtaking views of the historic town. The cafe’s innovative architectural features create an inviting atmosphere, offering patrons a delightful space to savour their coffee while enjoying a picturesque vista of Sibiu’s heritage charm.

Each Hug the Plate location was designed with the wants, needs and desires of the Sibiu locals in mind. Strategically located either in Promenada mall, in the centre of the city on Nicolae Balcescu, or on the corner of Mihai Viteazu and Calea Dumbravi, the high-end neighbourhood brunch places  are inviting and lively, and each location has plenty of seating in a variety of comfortable configurations. Their design is modern using greens, browns and pops of pink with metallic accents on the walls, making them aesthetic and welcoming places to work, eat or socialise.

Hug the Plate is a hub for the locals where they come during their work or school breaks to enjoy a delicious brunch. If you want to see the patterns of a daily life of a local in Sibiu, Hug the Plate Promenada is a great place to people watch. Additionally, they roast their coffee locally, so from the food served to the coffee all of their ingredients are sustainable with great flavours. 

‍Sibiu is a charming city that is to be enjoyed while exploring its beautiful streets adorned with coloured houses, admiring its impressive Baroque architecture, and discovering its multicultural museums. It’s a city where you can plan a perfect escape, filled with relaxing moments, great food, and mesmerising views. But each great day in Sibiu should start with a delicious coffee.

A cafe Sibiu that gives a big hug to your taste buds featuring local flavours with a modern twist to timeless traditions Hug the Plate Promenada serves eggs Benedict, omelettes, pasta and delicious sweet treats. 

Hug the Plate,  Promenada Mall, Str. Lector, Nr. 1 – 3 A, Sibiu. Open 7.30an to 9pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 9pm weekends/

Photography by Mariia Konovalova

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