Capriole Cafe / Den Haag Netherlands / Bureau Fraai

Capriole Cafe / Den Haag Netherlands / Bureau Fraai

Bureau Fraai converts Capriole Cafe former paint factory into a coffee bar, restaurant and business centre. Amsterdam based architecture studio Bureau Fraai has converted a former paint factory in The Hague into a coffee bar, restaurant and business centre with a fully steel bar element as an interconnecting eye-catcher. Photography by Rene van Dongen and […]


Mug ‘n’ Hug / Limassol Cyprus / dogma

In the heart of Limassol, Cyprus, a sensory haven unfolds, guided by the principles of efficiency, ritual, process, and indulgence. Designed by Dogma Architects, this space is not just a coffee and tea shop; it is a symphony of meticulous details and thoughtful zoning that elevates the act of savoring these beverages into a captivating […]

Bar London 22 / Slovenia / GAO Architects

Bar London 22 / Slovenia / GAO Architects

Designed by Petra Zakrajšek and Sara Hočevar of GAO Architects, London22 Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a space where simplicity meets artistic expression. Completed in 2019-2020, with a modest 54m² interior and a 47m² exterior, this project reflects the architects’ vision. MIK22, Matjaž and Irena Kozelj, entrusted the realization of this artistic haven to contractor […]


Han Restaurant / Slovenia / Gao Architects

Designed by Petra Zakrajšek and Tjaša Najvirt of Gao Architects, this café in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Spanning 289m² interior and 132m² exterior, the project was completed in 2019-2020 under the investment of LIN SI, d.o.o., with Mizarstvo Trunkelj as the contractor. Photographer Miran Kambič beautifully captures the essence […]

container BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

BAR OMA IETJE / Heesterveld / Open Architects

In the heart of Amsterdam’s Heesterveld neighborhood, a once-neglected complex has undergone a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into the community. Designed by OPEN architects | Mulders vandenBerk Architecten, the entire Heesterveld complex has not only received a structural overhaul but has also been infused with a vibrant mix of residents and activities, turning it […]

Loft 88 ijsselstein / Global Architects NL

loft 88 ijsselstein Cafe and Restaurant Loft 88 ijsselstein designed by Global Architects NL beckons as a cozy and inviting haven, perfect for relaxing with family and friends while savoring delectable eats and drinks. The traditional façade blends harmoniously with the local surroundings, and the terrace, positioned across the street next to the canal, provides […]

Pontevedra Galicia / Pumper Cafe / Nan Arquitectos

A cafe with a healthy workshop / Pontevedra Galicia, Spain Text by Nan Arquitectos Photography by Ivan Casal Neito Published with BowerBird Nan Arquitectos Design Statement The premises to be acted upon were already a space in operation and very successful, the purpose of the intervention was to expand and update the premises. Our clients wanted […]

Sets Cafe Berlin

“Sets Cafe Berlin is a visual masterpiece of design, with its intricately patterned cornices and circular mirrors adorning the walls. These decorative elements give the cafe an artistic and captivating ambiance that is sure to mesmerize visitors. Its warm and inviting interiors provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cup of coffee, making Sets Cafe […]

Best Berlin Cafes / Callas Cafe Bar

“Step back in time and immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of Best Berlin Cafes, Callas Cafe Bar. This cafe oozes a retro aesthetic that pays homage to cinema history, with vintage movie posters and memorabilia adorning its walls. The cafe’s captivating displays take you on a cinematic journey, making it a perfect destination for […]

Best Cafes in Berlin / Aera

“Best Cafes in Berlin/Aera is a culinary haven that seamlessly blends modern design with natural beauty. Its landscaped courtyard, adorned with vibrant art installations, provides a serene oasis for patrons to enjoy their coffee and pastries in an enchanting setting. Inside, the cafe boasts dark and sleek interiors, accentuated by warm timber finishes and an […]

Cool Cafes in Prague / Manifesto Market Andel

In the realm of cool cafes in Prague, Manifesto Market Andel stands out for its one-of-a-kind courtyard market style. Nestled in this vibrant urban oasis, the cafe boasts a pastel and timber aesthetic that adds a touch of whimsy and warmth to the bustling surroundings. This fusion of unique design elements and an open-air setting […]

Best Cafes in Prague / Golden Egg Café

Among the best cafes in Prague, the Golden Egg Café distinguishes itself with a clean and modern interior that exudes a sense of contemporary sophistication. Its polished concrete floor adds a touch of industrial chic, providing a stylish contrast to the warmth of the cafe’s ambiance. Moreover, the presence of a beautifully landscaped courtyard offers […]

Prague Best Cafes / Café Kontejner

In the heart of Prague’s Best cafes scene, Café Kontejner stands out with its unique container-like appearance, nestled like a pavilion in the park. Inside, the cafe unveils a captivating contrast with its dark interior, illuminated by neon lighting, which creates an edgy and atmospheric setting. The polished concrete floor adds an industrial touch to […]

Caffe Milano / Starbucks Reserve

Caffe Milano, also known as Starbucks Reserve, is a design marvel that immerses patrons in the world of coffee craftsmanship. The full-size roastery takes center stage, offering a captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse of the coffee-making process. The high industrial ornamental ceiling, rich finishes, and intricate mosaic flooring combine to create an opulent atmosphere that elevates the […]

Cafe Milano / Otto

Cafe Milano, known as Otto, offers a multifaceted experience with its thoughtfully designed spaces. Its landscaped verandah provides an inviting outdoor oasis, ideal for coffee and conversations amidst lush greenery. Inside, the raw concrete and timber aesthetic creates a warm and contemporary atmosphere, complemented by a co-work space and an artist’s window that inspire creativity […]

Milano Cafe / Oops Cafe

Milano Cafe / Oops Cafe

Milano Cafe / Oops Cafe Milano Cafe also known as Oops Cafe, stands as a beacon of sophistication and modern elegance in the realm of coffee and culinary delights. With its captivating design elements, this restaurant invites patrons into a world where aesthetics meet comfort, creating a haven for coffee enthusiasts and cafe lovers alike. […]

York Cafe / The Habit Cafe Bar York

York Cafe / The Habit Cafe Bar York

York Cafe, known as The Habit Cafe Bar, charms visitors with its quaint blue shopfront that beckons you inside. Beyond its inviting exterior lies a rooftop open courtyard where patrons can enjoy their coffee amidst an alfresco oasis. Leather bench seating adds a touch of sophistication, creating a comfortable and stylish setting for coffee connoisseurs […]

Cafes in York / Gatehouse Coffee

Nestled in the heart of York, a city steeped in rich history and adorned with medieval marvels, Gatehouse Coffee stands as a testament to the seamless integration of heritage and contemporary delights. Perched on an elevated central city location and intricately woven into the ancient city walls, this cafe exudes a unique charm that transcends time. To […]