Bar London 22 / Slovenia / GAO Architects

Bar London 22 / Slovenia / GAO Architects

Designed by Petra Zakrajšek and Sara Hočevar of GAO Architects, London22 Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a space where simplicity meets artistic expression. Completed in 2019-2020, with a modest 54m² interior and a 47m² exterior, this project reflects the architects’ vision. MIK22, Matjaž and Irena Kozelj, entrusted the realization of this artistic haven to contractor Ambius pohištvo.

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The interior, a result of collaboration with communication designer Radovan Jenko, is a minimalist marvel that sparks curiosity. Jenko’s conceptual wallpapers, featuring themes, humorous texts, and illustrations, add character to the space. This artistic touch creates an atmosphere that is visually captivating yet down-to-earth.

The bar’s design caters to various gatherings, from coffee meet-ups to wine dates. The collaboration between a communication designer and an interior design studio has given birth to an environment that celebrates the Arts. London22 is not just a bar; it’s a place where different artistic forms come together, inviting visitors to enjoy a unique experience.

As you step into London22, Miran Kambič’s photography beautifully captures the essence of this space, showcasing the harmony between artistic expression and functional design. It’s a place where artful simplicity creates a welcoming atmosphere for those seeking a relaxed and creative environment.

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