Modernism Cafe / IDIN Architects

Designed by IDIN Architects

Photographed by SPACESHIFT STUDIO / Ketsiree Wongwan

Step into a realm of architectural homage and modernist flair at Bangkok’s innovative Modernism Cafe, where every corner whispers of iconic design influences from visionaries like Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier. This captivating establishment is not just a cafe but a living tribute to the principles of modernism, cleverly weaving together elements of geometric precision, sleek lines, and minimalist aesthetics. 

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Modernist Cafe Shop and Gallery

From the moment you enter, you’ll be transported into a world where form meets function in perfect harmony, where every detail pays homage to the great masters of architectural design. Discover a space that invites contemplation, conversation, and a sensory journey through the timeless principles that have shaped the modern architectural landscape.

Description by IDIN Architects

Located in the front area of IDIN Architects office, Modernism Café is a coffee shop that was designed to represent the architect’s value. The concept of the café is inspired by the architecture and architects in the modern architecture period, the era that impacts the transformation in architecture until the present. The café is called “modernism” café which Influences both, the design as well as the serving menu.

Coffee House and Gallery

The café has two and a half floors, the first floor includes the counter bar with two small tables, designed for quick / to-go coffees, serving mostly single and couple customers. The second floor features larger tables with lounge style seatings, allowing multiple guests to spend more time and relax. The upper half floor is intended to be used for small gatherings, customers are welcomed to spend their time working upstairs in a more secluded area for better concentration.

Modernist Coffee Crossboundaries

The interior design mostly showcases the real material, for instance, metal structure, the rusted metal wall of the counter, the bare concrete walls of the bathroom and the uncovered pipe system on the ceiling to emphasize the concept of material honesty.. The architect chooses to also highlight the contrast between the old and new of modernism and contemporary periods in the details, featuring gimmicks such as the steel rulers which have been modified into strip lights to fit with the “architect theme” of the interior design. Continuity is also reinforced with the use of materials; terrazzo is used for flooring to connect all spaces into one entirety connection between the inside and outside is also emphasized with a large operable glazed plane which can be swung open in good weather, connecting the counter bar with the terrace.

Beautifully Placed Modernist Quotes

A lot of outstanding quotes from the Modernism era are placed in various spots in the cafe’ to match with their physical locations, for instance, the light gap which allows the sunlight from the window passing to the statue photograph from Barcelona Pavilion, at the end of the stairway perfectly fits with “A room is not a room without natural light” quote by Louis Kahn, and the sitting area which the light and shadows is displayed on the burnt cedar wood at the back is placed by Kahn’s quote “The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building”.

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