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The spatial understanding of a certain body of space is defined by planes and their behaviour. Parallel planes indicate an uninterrupted sense of journey between planes which continues until the very end of their existence. Perpendicular planes, on the other hand, define a certain limit of their scale in relation to their intersecting planes.

From that intuition, mankind’s most basic concept of understanding space is born, The very definition and scale of a certain room are defined by the intersection of its vertical plane (walls) and its horizontal plane (floors and ceilings).

Architecture by Anatomy Architecture

Photography by VARP Photography

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Published with Bowerbird

Through time, the spatial consciousness and awareness of man have been developed rather radically. From understanding the physical limitations of a certain space – the three-dimensional proportions of it – to being able to assign emotions, tales of epic proportions, myths, and many other subjective realities in relation to its physical limitations. Holy spaces exhibit their high ceilings in order to be closer to god. Meanwhile, most prisons welcomed their inmates to rather low-ceiling cells to minimize their sense of human proportions, resulting in a lost sense of individuality, humanistic pride and emotions. 

The experimental project of BOUND is a testament on how intersecting planes can express an opposite spatial awareness. Rather than giving a certain body of space its height by assigning a limit to it, the project explores how far that boundary between intersecting planes can be blurred resulting in a space with juxtapositional composition of boundary-less within limits. A linear extruded arch-type plane is placed above vertical planes in order to create a sense of journey through its boundaries onto the end of its existence. The boundaries of height becomes physically defined but the spatial awareness becomes somewhat of an enigma.

Project Location: Art Cafe / Bound Cafe / Anatomy Architecture

14 Soi Punna Withi 27, บางจาก, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260, Thailand

Open all days 9am-6pm except Tuesday

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