Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished / Anatomy Architecture

Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished

The cafe is located in ‘Soi Wang Hin’ which means the ‘Stone palace’. The concept of the place’s name is used to expand with architecture through stone materials significance that is used to represent the story of the site landmark.

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Unique Relic Aesthetic / Cafe in Thailand

Chasing from outside the cafe with concrete panel fins creates an introductory configuration of unfinished at first sight. In the form of unequal building fins, it looks incompleted, as if not yet completed. In addition to reflecting on the concept, These fins also add dimension to the building when incident light then gently scales the imperfections into the interior spaces where the structure remains visible.

Integrated landscape / Thailand Coffee

The interior space is divided into 2 zones, with a bar counter 8 meters long, acting as both a cash register. The beverage section, snack cabinet, and bar table to welcome the client after entering the space. The solitary tree stands in the middle of the cafe and embraces the light through the ceiling skylight representing the interpretation of an unfinished growth. surrounded by a piece of stone placed randomly on the wall to preserve the sense of a stone palace.

Textured approach to Thai Coffee Interior Cafe Design

As for the furniture design approach, the emphasis is on showing the surface of the material by using natural coloured teak plywood. The part of the ceiling is covered with a gypsum board showing the knots. painted wall with concrete texture. The furniture has been completely designed in 40 patterns of 40 chairs, in which four pieces of wood are interspersed to form a puzzle, creating a unique design experiment reflecting on the imperfections that are not the only choice, each person undergoes the same experimentation process. “Make coffee that is not done in one go. to research Keep experimenting with imperfection.” endlessly.

Project location: Cafe Unfinished / Thai Coffee good

อันฟินิช 2 Lat Phrao Wang Hin 46 Alley, Khwaeng Lat Phrao, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Open 9-5:30pm

Unique Coffee Brand / Thai Iced Coffee / Coffee recipe

Nestled in the heart of Thailand, Cafe Unfinished coffee shop stands as a dynamic and versatile haven for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. With a commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences, the cafe takes pride in offering Coffee Roasting and OEM services, allowing individuals and businesses to tailor their coffee blends to perfection.

Boasting a diverse selection of Coffee Beans available for both wholesale and retail, Cafe Unfinished ensures that the rich aromas and distinct flavors of carefully sourced beans are accessible to all. Beyond the traditional cafe experience, the establishment opens its doors to Location Rental, providing a charming and adaptable space for events, meetings, and gatherings. 

Cafe Unfinished’s dedication to elevating the coffee experience extends further with Catering services, bringing the art of finely crafted coffee to diverse occasions. As a beacon of coffee culture in Thailand, Cafe Unfinished invites patrons to savor not only exceptional brews but also a range of services that cater to the varied dimensions of their coffee journey.

About Anatomy Architecture + Atelier

As the definition of ‘Anatomy’ is characterized by configuration in the progressive understanding of entirety. deep into a relation of mechanical system and feature of appearance in terms of architecture and design. AA+A was founded in 2015 based in Bangkok under the determination of afresh ideas to achieve the goal of a better space that could possibly improve quality of life.

Photography by Supee Juntranggur

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