Austral Hotel / Colac Victoria / Porter Architects

A historic old regional Victorian pub located in Otway area of Colac. The redevelopment at Austral Hotel proposes additions and alterations the existing old local gem. The main southern section of the existing hotel where the bar and dining is located is revitalised into a comfortable contemporary food and beverage experience. It captures and embraces the […]

Lidi Coffee / Makassar City / South Sulawesi

Lidi Cafe / Makassar Restaurant Lidi Coffee is located on Rusa Street, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. This 400 m2 building used to be a building with the function of practicing doctors and pharmacies. This building has not been used since the pandemic, around 2020 This building was redesigned and renovated in 2022, with the transfer […]

Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished / Anatomy Architecture

Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished The cafe is located in ‘Soi Wang Hin’ which means the ‘Stone palace’. The concept of the place’s name is used to expand with architecture through stone materials significance that is used to represent the story of the site landmark. Click here to see other Asian cafes or Bangkok cafes Unique Relic Aesthetic / […]

Barber Cafe / Barbenchino / Amrishmaharaj

designed by Amrish Maharaj Architecture Incorporating the best of Barbers and Cafes In the realm of innovative design, the concept of integrating cafes into barbershops offers a distinct proposition that seamlessly merges design and mens haircut services. This imaginative approach creates a space where the classic charm of a barbershop coexists harmoniously with the cozy ambiance […]

Pontevedra Galicia / Pumper Cafe / Nan Arquitectos

A cafe with a healthy workshop / Pontevedra Galicia, Spain Text by Nan Arquitectos Photography by Ivan Casal Neito Published with BowerBird Nan Arquitectos Design Statement The premises to be acted upon were already a space in operation and very successful, the purpose of the intervention was to expand and update the premises. Our clients wanted […]

Canberra Cafe / Cupping Room

Located in the heart of Canberra Cafe / Cupping Room charms visitors with its exposed timber ceiling and elegant timber doors and windows, infusing the space with a welcoming ambiance. The rustic warmth of the wooden elements beautifully complements the cafe’s contemporary design, creating an inviting haven for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike. A […]

Cafe Milano / Otto

Cafe Milano, known as Otto, offers a multifaceted experience with its thoughtfully designed spaces. Its landscaped verandah provides an inviting outdoor oasis, ideal for coffee and conversations amidst lush greenery. Inside, the raw concrete and timber aesthetic creates a warm and contemporary atmosphere, complemented by a co-work space and an artist’s window that inspire creativity […]

Makati Cafe / Annex House Manila

Makati Cafe / Annex House Manila

Introduction to Annex House Makati Nestled in the pulsating heart of Poblacion, Makati Cafe at Annex House Manila emerges as a cultural haven, ingeniously housed within a post-war Filipino ancestral home. This distinctive establishment transcends traditional definitions, seamlessly blending the roles of sunroom, garden, coffee shop, boutique, and design studio. Annex House Manila beckons patrons into a […]

Coffee Shops in Makati / Odd Cafe

Coffee Shops in Makati present Odd Cafe by Via Villafuerte and her talented team at Oddefy Agency, where innovative design elements take center stage. The space boasts a captivating wavy framed mirror that dynamically changes colors, adding a playful and immersive dimension to the cafe’s ambiance. Paired with a bright orange couch, polished concrete flooring, […]

Cafe Brussels / Café du Sablon

Cafe Brussels / Café du Sablon is a design marvel nestled in an urban setting. With its exposed ceilings, this cafe boasts an industrial chic aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the vibrant city atmosphere. The striking timber feature linings add warmth and character to the space, creating an inviting haven amidst the bustling cityscape. Photography […]

Cafe in Wuppertal / Café Lieber

Nestled within the vibrant urban landscape of Wuppertal, Café Lieber emerges as a design haven, seamlessly blending into its surroundings while offering a unique refuge for coffee enthusiasts. This cafe is a focal point where architectural elegance converges with the dynamic energy of Wuppertal. To explore cafes worldwide see A global directory of cafes and cafe professionals […]

Brunch Wuppertal / Xafe

Brunch Wuppertal / Xafe stands out as a hidden gem within a captivating laneway setting, inviting patrons to discover its culinary delights tucked away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The cafe boasts a modern industrial aesthetic, featuring exposed ceilings, sleek metal accents, and large windows that flood the space with natural light. With its […]

Kyoto cafe / Hoo Coffee Shop / Koyori

Text provided by the Architect Photography by Junichi Usui Setting / Location of Kyoto cafe Hoo Coffee Shop is a quaint and charming establishment nestled near the fine street network adjacent to Ninomaru Palace in Kyoto, Japan. This Kyoto cafe blends seamlessly into its historical surroundings while offering a comfortable and inviting space for locals […]

Cafe Valencia / Bastard Coffee shop

Cafe Valencia, aptly named Bastard Coffee Shop, boasts a compelling rustic industrial interior that defines its character. The juxtaposition of weathered woods, raw metals, and industrial fixtures creates an intriguing visual landscape, offering patrons a distinctive and immersive coffee environment that marries the old-world charm with a touch of urban ruggedness. Photography by Miguel Sanchis […]

Little Saigon Cafe / Chu Ba Cafe Vietnamese Coffee

Little Saigon Cafe, or Chu Ba Cafe Vietnamese Coffee, beckons with its raw and original interior design. The unapologetic embrace of raw materials, such as exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and authentic Vietnamese accents, forms a genuine and immersive coffee haven, where patrons can savor their brews amidst an atmosphere that beautifully encapsulates the essence of […]

Old Saigon Cafe / Kiosque Cafe

Old Saigon Cafe, known as Kiosque Cafe, charms visitors with its original street food aesthetic. The cafe’s design authentically captures the essence of bustling Saigon streets with its vibrant colors, creative signage, and a lively atmosphere. Patrons can immerse themselves in the spirit of Vietnamese street culture while enjoying their coffee, making it a unique […]

coffee shops in islamabad Burning Brownie

Coffee Shops in Islamabad / Burning Brownie

Coffee shops in Islamabad, exemplified by Burning Brownie, offer a delightful escape with their casual atmosphere and rustic timber finishes. The warm and inviting ambiance, accentuated by the timber details, creates a cozy haven where patrons can unwind, sip their coffee, and savor delectable treats, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxed […]

Lviv Cafe / Kopalnia Kava

Kopalnia Kava in Lviv beckons with its enchanting design, boasting an eclectic daylit courtyard that offers a tranquil oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Rustic displays within the café create an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the old world with the modern, inviting patrons to savor their coffee surrounded by a harmonious fusion of nature […]