Every Half Coffee Roasters Ngô Văn Năm

Photographed by Cafes Around Sai Gon, Stepping into Every Half Coffee Roasters at Ngô Văn N giữam is akin to discovering a hidden gem that seamlessly blends historical architectural charm with modern coffee culture. The establishment, housed within a mid-20th century building, beautifully preserves and showcases the architectural ethos of that era—think V-shaped gates, flat […]


About Life Coffee-Brewers / Cafes around Saigon

Photographed by Cafes of Saigon.  Situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, About Life Coffee Brewers emerges from its recent renovation with a fresh perspective, inviting patrons into a rejuvenated space that celebrates the essence of casual urban living. Stepping into the café, visitors are greeted by a meticulously landscaped courtyard setting, a serene […]

Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical

Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical

Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical is not only a uniquely styled space, it also has a life of its own as a gallery showcasing a captivating collection of copyrighted artworks created by talented local artists.   Photography provided by Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical Vietnamese Art COFFEE NHIỆT ĐỚI Tropical also places a strong emphasis […]

Little Saigon Cafe / Chu Ba Cafe Vietnamese Coffee

Little Saigon Cafe, or Chu Ba Cafe Vietnamese Coffee, beckons with its raw and original interior design. The unapologetic embrace of raw materials, such as exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and authentic Vietnamese accents, forms a genuine and immersive coffee haven, where patrons can savor their brews amidst an atmosphere that beautifully encapsulates the essence of […]

Old Saigon Cafe / Kiosque Cafe

Old Saigon Cafe, known as Kiosque Cafe, charms visitors with its original street food aesthetic. The cafe’s design authentically captures the essence of bustling Saigon streets with its vibrant colors, creative signage, and a lively atmosphere. Patrons can immerse themselves in the spirit of Vietnamese street culture while enjoying their coffee, making it a unique […]

ly cafe đẹp Nhiệt Đới Art Coffee

ly cafe đẹp Nhiệt Đới / Art Coffee

Ly Cafe Đẹp Nhiệt Đới, or Art Coffee, offers a unique experience with its seamless integration of artwork throughout its space. Nestled in a tropical paradise, this café not only serves delicious coffee but also showcases a vibrant collection of art, making it an ideal spot for art enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike to indulge […]

Coffee Shop / The Friends Coffee

The Friends Coffee & Tea, a welcoming coffee shop in Ca Mau Vietnam, is enveloped by lush garden surrounds, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Patrons can savor their coffee in the embrace of nature, with the café’s thoughtfully designed spaces blurring the lines between the cozy indoors and the refreshing outdoors, making it an ideal […]

Cafe in Ca Mau / Anni Coffee

A cool and calm cafe in Ca Mau, on the southern tip of Vietnam  The city of Ca Mau sits in the Mekong delta at the southernmost tip of Vietnam. It’s a city of canals and waterways and boasts a number of designer cafes well worth a visit.  One such cafe is Anni Coffee, a […]