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Unite Unit’s approach to designing Nodi Coffee’s latest outpost, Nodi Coffee Plus, skillfully blends the precision of a laboratory with the allure of a contemporary art gallery. This design philosophy transforms the coffee shop into a futuristic space that not only serves as a place to enjoy a cup of coffee but also as an immersive experience that engages the senses and stimulates curiosity. The design team’s commitment to creating a unique theme for each Nodi outlet is evident in this outpost, where the sleek, experimental visual identity plays a central role in redefining the coffee culture landscape.

The designers at Unite Unit have carefully crafted Nodi Coffee Plus with clean, modern aesthetics that speak to the brand’s ethos of innovation and sustainability. By incorporating geometric accents, vivid color schemes, and textural contrasts, they have developed a space that is both visually striking and functionally sophisticated. The use of honest materials and layered creative concepts not only reinforces the brand’s commitment to a greener future but also elevates the overall customer experience. This harmonious blend of laboratory precision and gallery-inspired design creates an environment that is both refined and approachable, inviting guests to linger, explore, and become part of a progressive coffee culture.

Designers Description

A well-designed space embodies a scalable and sustainable narrative that can speak volumes about its brand’s ethos. For Nodi Coffee’s latest outpost, Unite Unit crafted a sensory space that can stand alone as well as within the group’s other branches.  

Photographed by Steven Ko

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“Having collaborated with the brand on several projects prior, we took their core values to heart and we knew we had to come up with a unique theme for this space as each Nodi outlet features a specific theme and colour scheme. Tasked with creating an experimental ambience for Nodi Coffee Plus, hence, we developed a strong design language that highlights the gist of ‘plus’ – there is so much more than what meets the eye,” the design team notes. “Except for coffee, this inspiring space welcomes guests to embrace a greener future in retail industry. We decided to go with a sleek experimental visual identity that mimics the look and feel of a laboratory, a futuristic dimension that you would almost identify as a virtual gallery in the metaverse.” 

The contemporary space is organised into two distinctive zones, a main coffee bar and a workshop area, each offers an innovative experience and communicates the brand’s commitment through honest materials and layered creative concepts. Modern forms, geometric accents, vivid shades – summer yellow and bright orange dotted with dark, textural walls and brushed metallic surfaces, intriguing lighting solutions contribute to a visual dialogue that encourages guests to linger in and explore further. Unlike a conventional cafe where is usually dominated by a calm and collected mood, Nodi Coffee Plus is reimagined as a quirky world of refreshing art, sculptural objects, and last but not least, Nodi’s signature coffee products you need to become your own barista. 

The refined and approachable aesthetic successfully elevates and transcends coffee culture for many more generations to come. The future is near; it’s here.

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