Sweet Beirut / Bexley / Bas and Co

Lebanon is a far cry from the industrial hustle and bustle of Bexley. But stepping through the doors of Sweet Beirut, you wouldn’t know it – which was exactly the aim. 

The opulent interiors are reminiscent of Middle Eastern infrastructure and business sense – a culture where more is more is more. Adorned with arches, chandeliers and a dramatic staircase leading up to a chef’s window and upstairs seating, the feel is more Arabian emporium than Sydney sweet shop.

Designed by Bas&Co, Photography by Andrew Worssam, Description by You Copywriting

For all its bright lights and high ceilings, we wanted Sweet Beirut to offer a sense of calm – to be a place where customers can come to celebrate and relax, equally. This was achieved through incorporating French design language in the interiors; the chic cabinetry, monochrome styling and understated terrazzo  floors all work to provide balance. And most importantly, let the desserts take centre stage. 

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