Sweet Beirut / Bexley / Bas and Co

Lebanon is a far cry from the industrial hustle and bustle of Bexley. But stepping through the doors of Sweet Beirut, you wouldn’t know it – which was exactly the aim.  The opulent interiors are reminiscent of Middle Eastern infrastructure and business sense – a culture where more is more is more. Adorned with arches, […]

Barber Cafe / Barbenchino / Amrishmaharaj

designed by Amrish Maharaj Architecture Incorporating the best of Barbers and Cafes In the realm of innovative design, the concept of integrating cafes into barbershops offers a distinct proposition that seamlessly merges design and mens haircut services. This imaginative approach creates a space where the classic charm of a barbershop coexists harmoniously with the cozy ambiance […]

Coffee Roaster / Alexandria Cafe

The launch of Best Cafe Designs has provided many coffee interactions and discussions.  This week we met with Dan from the coffee roaster / Alexandria Cafe, who initiated a site tour of the roastery premises. The coffee roaster was established in 1991 by Dan & JoAnne Fitzsimmons and has won several awards at the Royal […]

Neutral Bay Cafe / Against the Grind 

Neutral Bay Cafe / Against the Grind designed by Michiru Higginbotham showcases a playful and vibrant design with its striking combination of bright green and pink hues. The polished concrete flooring lends an industrial edge to the space, beautifully contrasting with the textured countertops that add depth and character. Neutral Bay Cafe Design Features A […]

Zushi Surry Hills Japanese

Zushi Surry Hills Japanese designed by Michiru Higginbotham. The perfectly balanced ingredients to create the warm and inviting Zushi Surry Hills. The latest offering from Zushi Sydney. Luna pendants gently sway in the double height void overhead the Sushi bar, hypnotising passers by and creating a soft atmosphere for evening semi-alfresco dining and general festivities. […]

161 Clarence Street / Michi Izakaya & Ramen

Michi Izakaya & Ramen at 161 Clarence Street, thoughtfully designed by Michiru Higginbotham, offers a unique atmosphere with its timber dowel linings and dark aesthetic. The integration with the refined brickwork of 161 Clarence Street’s Skye Suites ground floor, constructed by Wrightway Construction, adds a touch of heritage charm to the contemporary design, creating a […]

Town Hall Cafe / Leible Coffee

Town Hall Cafe / Leible Coffee is a captivating oasis seamlessly integrated into a compact lobby space, redefining the coffee experience. The design’s focal point is a counter adorned with integrated greenery, blurring the lines between nature and urban living. Its curved ceiling and innovative lighting feature create an inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect […]

345-363 George Place / Precinct cafe

345-363 George Place’s Precinct Cafe is a design gem, seamlessly integrated into the lobby designed by Fender Kaltsalidis and built by FDC. The cafe is located on a mezzanine that overlooks the main foyer. It provides a serrene retreat amidst the hustle and bustle. Its standout feature is the unique concrete dowel counter cladding, elegantly […]

Lindfield Cafe / Goodfields Eatery

Lindfield cafe Goodfields Eatery is a lush indoor oasis designed to charm. Adjacent to Lindfield train station on Sydney’s North Shore, Goodfields Eatery designed by Giant Design is a dining destination that seamlessly marries convenience with unique and playful aesthetics. The all-day breakfast and lunch space was created by father and son duo George and Anthony Karnasiotis […]

Canton Cafe / Eastwood Chinese

Canton Cafe / Eastwood Chinese, invites patrons into an authentic Hong Kong-style experience with its distinctive seating booths. These cozy, private booths exude the charm of traditional Hong Kong tea houses, allowing diners to enjoy their meals in an intimate setting reminiscent of the bustling streets of the city, creating an atmosphere that truly sets […]

Scots Church / Cafe Portico

Scots Church, home to Cafe Portico serving Sydney’s Best since 2010, is a harmonious blend of history and modernity, where a deep reveal bay window serves as a captivating focal point. This architectural gem seamlessly integrates heritage features, allowing patrons to dine within a piece of history while basking in the natural light that floods […]

Royal North Shore Hospital / Small Doses Cafe

Located within the Royal North Shore Hospital, Small Doses Cafe offers a tranquil respite for both medical professionals and visitors alike. This oasis of calm amidst the bustling hospital environment provides a soothing space where patrons can recharge and rejuvenate, fostering a sense of comfort and solace amidst the challenges of healthcare, making it a […]

135 King street / Tempered Cafe

“Tempered Cafe” at 135 King Street boasts a unique integration of curved sandstone features sourced from the refurbished lobby and facade (designed by Scott Carver and built by Shape), creating a captivating blend of old-world charm and contemporary design. This seamless incorporation pays homage to the building’s heritage while providing a distinctive setting to enjoy […]

161 Castlereagh Street / Pablo and Rusty

An ethical and sustainable Sydney cafe where coffee is taken as seriously as reducing waste Pablo and Rusty‘s cafe and roastery at 161 Castlereagh Street in the Sydney CBD seamlessly integrates with the mid-block connection of Liberty Place, designed by FJC Studio, offering a harmonious blend of modern architecture and urban connectivity.  Designed for the […]

200 George Street / Avenue on George

“Avenue on George” at 200 George Street offers a seamless integration not only with the FJC Studio-designed foyer but also with the new mid-block connection laneway. This dynamic space effortlessly blends contemporary design with architectural elegance, providing a unique setting to savor exquisite cuisine and drinks while harmoniously complementing the building’s aesthetic vision and enhancing […]

Grovesnor Place / Georgie Boys

“Georgie Boys” at Grovesnor Place is a seamless integration within the iconic Harry Seidler-designed building. This establishment gracefully merges modern elegance with architectural history, offering a unique space to savor exquisite cuisine and drinks while honoring Seidler’s vision. Photography by Andrew Chung For further Oceania Cafe designs click here

Governor Phillip Tower / Coffee Sydney CBD

“2 Governors” at Coffee Sydney CBD is a remarkable design fusion, seamlessly integrated into the JPW-designed foyer of Governor Phillip Tower. With its sleek, contemporary aesthetic and harmonious connection to the tower’s architectural grandeur, it offers a captivating setting for enjoying premium coffee and gourmet pastries in the heart of the city. Photography by Andrew […]

8 Chifley Square Cafe / Glass Room Espresso

Nestled within the captivating undercroft of 8 Chifley Square / Glass Room Espresso, the café boasts a truly distinctive setting, with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the bustling urban life above, offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the city while savoring artisanal coffees and delectable treats in this remarkable subterranean […]