Caffe Milano / Starbucks Reserve

Caffe Milano, also known as Starbucks Reserve, is a design marvel that immerses patrons in the world of coffee craftsmanship. The full-size roastery takes center stage, offering a captivating behind-the-scenes glimpse of the coffee-making process. The high industrial ornamental ceiling, rich finishes, and intricate mosaic flooring combine to create an opulent atmosphere that elevates the […]

Cafe Milano / Otto

Cafe Milano, known as Otto, offers a multifaceted experience with its thoughtfully designed spaces. Its landscaped verandah provides an inviting outdoor oasis, ideal for coffee and conversations amidst lush greenery. Inside, the raw concrete and timber aesthetic creates a warm and contemporary atmosphere, complemented by a co-work space and an artist’s window that inspire creativity […]

Milano Cafe / Oops Cafe

Milano Cafe / Oops Cafe

Milano Cafe / Oops Cafe Milano Cafe also known as Oops Cafe, stands as a beacon of sophistication and modern elegance in the realm of coffee and culinary delights. With its captivating design elements, this restaurant invites patrons into a world where aesthetics meet comfort, creating a haven for coffee enthusiasts and cafe lovers alike. […]

Ristorante Atelier Canova Tadolini Cafe

Ristorante Atelier Canova Tadolini Cafe, nestled at the historic corner of Via del Babuino and Via dei Greci in Rome, carries a rich legacy as the former atelier of renowned sculptors Antonio Canova and Adamo Tadolini. This unique establishment, which evolved from the artistic collaboration between these masters, is a living testament to over one […]

Rome Cafe / Antico Caffè Greco

Rome Cafe / Antico Caffè Greco, the venerable historic landmark cafe founded in 1760 by Nicola di Madalena, has long been an intellectual haven for writers, politicians, artists, and luminaries of all kinds. Its timeless charm is amplified by several interconnected dining rooms, linked by graceful arched portals that double as elegant art galleries, showcasing […]

Cafe Rome / Faro Luminari del Caffè Specialty

Cafe Rome / Faro Luminari del Caffè Specialty, established in 2016 by the visionary trio of Daphne, Dario, and Arturo, is a beacon of independent specialty coffee culture in the heart of Rome. With a commitment to redefining the coffee experience, they artfully blend quantity, quality, and atmosphere under a lofted ceiling adorned with a […]

Naples Coffee Shop / caffé spazio Nea

“Naples Coffee Shop / Caffé Spazio Nea” enchants visitors with its uplit vaulted ceilings and seamless connection to beautiful courtyard gardens. This design harmoniously merges indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a tranquil oasis where you can relish gourmet coffee and delicacies in a serene and inviting environment. Photography by Ali Kazem Alilou For further European […]

Naples Cafes Near Me / Centrale del caffé

Feature Article by Penelope Barker A quintessential espresso bar experience in the historic quarter of Naples Apart from its rich cultural heritage and world-renowned architecture, Naples is known for its cafe culture. In fact, there’s not a block in the city without a cafe so if you’re searching “Naples cafes near me” while you’re in […]

Naples Cafe / Caffè Letterario

“Naples Cafe / Caffè Letterario” is a charming establishment that beautifully integrates rustic archways, pottery displays, and lush greenery throughout its design. These elements come together to create an inviting and immersive atmosphere where you can savor the finest Italian cuisine while surrounded by the warmth and culture of Naples. Photography by Ali Kazem Alilou […]