Cafe Bar Misto / Pontevedra / Nan Arquitectos

At, we have the pleasure of collaborating with architects from around the globe who bring innovative and captivating café designs to life. Recently, we had the opportunity to explore a remarkable project inspired by the Galician word “misto,” meaning match. This design concept, skillfully executed by our featured architects Nan Arquitectos, uses the match’s […]

Pontevedra Galicia / Pumper Cafe / Nan Arquitectos

A cafe with a healthy workshop / Pontevedra Galicia, Spain Text by Nan Arquitectos Photography by Ivan Casal Neito Published with BowerBird Nan Arquitectos Design Statement The premises to be acted upon were already a space in operation and very successful, the purpose of the intervention was to expand and update the premises. Our clients wanted […]

Specialty Coffee Valencia / Baovan espresso

Specialty coffee Valencia’s Baovan Espresso designed by Clap Studio exudes a captivating charm with its striking pastel color scheme. Soft hues of mint and blush harmonize seamlessly, creating an ambiance that is as inviting as it is aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect backdrop for savoring exquisite coffee creations in style. Photography by Miguel Sanchis […]

Valencia Coffee / Boscon Coffee

Best Spain / European café Nestled in the heart of the city, Valencia Coffee, affectionately known as Boscon Coffee, emerges as a beacon for specialty coffee aficionados. Beyond the rich aroma of the finest brews, this coffee haven beckons patrons with its exquisite design, seamlessly blending modern sophistication with a warm, welcoming ambiance. Photography by Miguel […]

Cafe Valencia / Bastard Coffee shop

Cafe Valencia, aptly named Bastard Coffee Shop, boasts a compelling rustic industrial interior that defines its character. The juxtaposition of weathered woods, raw metals, and industrial fixtures creates an intriguing visual landscape, offering patrons a distinctive and immersive coffee environment that marries the old-world charm with a touch of urban ruggedness. Photography by Miguel Sanchis […]