About Life Coffee-Brewers / Cafes around Saigon

Photographed by Cafes of Saigon.  Situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, About Life Coffee Brewers emerges from its recent renovation with a fresh perspective, inviting patrons into a rejuvenated space that celebrates the essence of casual urban living. Stepping into the café, visitors are greeted by a meticulously landscaped courtyard setting, a serene […]

Harudot / Nana Coffee Roasters / IDIN Architects Thailand

The genesis of Harudot stems from a collaboration between the Nana Coffee Roasters brand owner and a landlord with a passion for plants with unique forms, culminating in a harmonious fusion of coffee culture and botanical aesthetics. Architecture and Interiors by IDIN Architects Landscape design by Youkubdin Constructed by Wimutti Construction Limited Partnership Photography by […]

Brownie Project Gallery / Shanghai / Offhand Practice

Situated at M50 Creative Park in Moganshan Road, BROWNIE/Project gallery blends the vibes of arts and commercials seamlessly. This creative park used to be an old woolen mill manufacturing plant, and the building it occupied was transformed from an old factory. Designed by Offhand Practice Photography by Hu Yanyun To explore cafes worldwide see bestcafedesigns.com. A top […]


Cloud Cafe, Victoria Shanghai Academy / MAD Studio

Designed by MAD Studio, the Cloud Café is a popular rendezvous for teachers and students at Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong. As a part of a new extension for the school’s ever-expanding campus, it plays a very important role ensuring staff and student’s well-being and their fondness of the campus.  Photographed by Workshop 10 To […]


Adaptive Reuse of an Urban Folk House / Shibuya Cafe / Masashi Miyamoto

A restaurant/cafe specialising in creative “kaiseki cuisine” centred around tuna fish. Located along Meiji Avenue, which runs alongside the Shibuya River in Hiroo, near Ebisu, this restaurant is housed in a solitary remaining Taisho-era folk house that has been renovated. Designed by Masashi Miyamoto Photography by Koki Yamamoto Published with Bowerbird To explore cafes worldwide […]

Front entry-Gulangyu-Store-Fujian-Cunpanda

Gulangyu Store / Fujian / Cunpanda

In 2018, a new cafe named 1/2 opened in Xiamen. In the past 4 years, it has developed into a coffee brand integrating coffee, inn, and customization. During the rapid development period, it plans to launch branches in Xiamen and surrounding islands. CUN PANDA NANA received this design commission. The client expects to create a […]

Arabica Xiamen Cafe

Arabica Xiamen Cafe

In the coastal city of Xiamen, where historical charm converges with modern urban development, Arabica stands as a symbol of the city’s dynamic fusion. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, including the scenic Gulangyu Island and the iconic Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen has evolved significantly over the years. Ingrid Shi, a seasoned architect and photographer holds a […]

AIUEO Yamashiro Onsen / Gallery Cafe / Koyori

AIUEO Yamashiro Onsen / Gallery Cafe / Koyori

Nestled in the historic Yamashiro Onsen of Kaga City, the AIUEO Gallery Cafe, completed in November 2022 by the architects Koyori, subtly introduces a touch of modernity into the traditional charm of this hot spring town.  Gallery Cafe The gallery cafe, an extension of the Kyoto-based AIUEO assorted goods brand, features colorful goods and hand-drawn […]

Aswell Shop and Cafe / Shiga Otsu / Koyori

Aswell Shop and Cafe / Shiga Otsu / Koyori

In the picturesque City of Otsu, nestled within the scenic Shiga Prefecture, Koyori architects have once again left their mark with a thoughtfully designed select shop and cafe.  Completed with their signature touch, this establishment seamlessly blends into the cultural fabric of Otsu, offering a unique experience that bridges tradition and modernity. The select shop, […]



The Bay Crews select shop and cafe in Kyoto, meticulously crafted by Koyori architects, introduces a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation within the historic confines of a Kyoto machiya. Situated in the bustling tourist and commercial area west of Karasuma Sanjō, this establishment emerges as a testament to the seamless integration of old-world charm […]

Shanghai cafe / Aloha cafe / Atelier IN

Shanghai Cafe / Aloha Cafe / Atelier IN

Nestled in the historic French Concession of Shanghai on Shaanxi South Road, ALOHA Coffee is a distinctive Shanghai cafe located at the ground floor of a heritage residential building. Renowned for its dedication to the art and traditional practices of coffee making, the ALOHA brand embodies a deep respect for coffee culture. Designed by Atelier […]

Alpine Cafe / Cang 41 / Sanctuary in the Snow / JUMGO Creative

Alpine Cafe / Cang 41 / Sanctuary in the Snow / JUMGO Creative

After the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, people’s enthusiasm for winter sports, such as skiing, has been reignited. Chongli, a town known for skiing, has also re-catched people’s attention. For Skiers, Chongli means more than a small town in Hebei. Therefore, a group of passionate skiers came up with an idea to establish a unique and […]

Roastery Bali / Expat Coffee / Expat Roasters Seminyak

Taking the coffee world by storm, Indonesia based EXPAT. Roasters have relocated their flagship café and retail experience in Seminyak Bali to larger premises. With bold branding on the mesh wrapped facade as well as in the interior, a retail display greets customers as they enter the store. Immediately the customer is immersed into the […]

Container Cafe Flask Coffee

Container Cafe / Flask Coffee Shop / New Almaty Architects Workshop

Photography by Damir Otegen Architecture by New Almaty Architects Published with Bowerbird The Flask coffee shop project was commissioned and conceptualised by our friend, artist and coffee enthusiast Chihoon. According to his brief, the project is designed in a minimalist, almost laboratory style. The interior was inspired by South Korean contemporary design. The main area […]

Art Cafe / Bound Cafe / Anatomy Architecture

The spatial understanding of a certain body of space is defined by planes and their behaviour. Parallel planes indicate an uninterrupted sense of journey between planes which continues until the very end of their existence. Perpendicular planes, on the other hand, define a certain limit of their scale in relation to their intersecting planes. From that […]

Hotel Continent Centrepoint / Teratas Koffiebar / Makassar City / Panakkukang

Teratas Koffiebar: Crafting Urban Elegance in the Rustic Cafe Bar of Hotel Continent Centrepoint Makassar Panakkukang by Ananda Ardiansyah Architects In the vibrant tapestry of urban living, Ananda Ardiansyah Architects, under the visionary leadership of Principal Architect Ar. Ananda Armin Ardiansyah, introduces a captivating cafe bar design that seamlessly marries rustic charm with contemporary allure. Executed […]

Lidi Coffee / Makassar City / South Sulawesi

Lidi Cafe / Makassar Restaurant Lidi Coffee is located on Rusa Street, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. This 400 m2 building used to be a building with the function of practicing doctors and pharmacies. This building has not been used since the pandemic, around 2020 This building was redesigned and renovated in 2022, with the transfer […]

Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished / Anatomy Architecture

Thai Coffee / Cafe Unfinished The cafe is located in ‘Soi Wang Hin’ which means the ‘Stone palace’. The concept of the place’s name is used to expand with architecture through stone materials significance that is used to represent the story of the site landmark. Click here to see other Asian cafes or Bangkok cafes Unique Relic Aesthetic / […]