Suwon Coffee Shop / Nostalgia Suwon

Suwon Coffee Shop, Nostalgia Suwon beckons with a timeless and inviting design, featuring rustic timber posts and beams that infuse the space with a warm, vintage charm. The integration of lush, green planting throughout the interior brings a touch of nature indoors, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Adding to the sense of history and […]

Cafe in Suwon / Jung Jiyoung Coffee Roasters

A cafe in Suwon, South Korea, with space, a great ambience and views over a UNESCO World Heritage Site  Jung Jiyoung Coffee Roasters in the Suwon district of Seoul is a character-filled cafe with a great ambiance and a roof top overlooking the beautiful Suwon Fortress. The neighbourhoods surrounding the huge fortress, that is also […]

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Suwon Cafe / Cuore Espresso

Suwon Cafe, Cuore Espresso designed by Design Studio Maoom, is a design gem featuring a fabric ceiling, artistic screens, and thoughtfully placed greenery. The cafe’s combination of elements creates a cozy and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, inviting patrons to enjoy their coffee in a space where creativity and nature harmoniously converge in Suwon. Photography by Kay […]