SHOWAY ARTS SPACE / Qingpu District / Shanghai / Topos Design

As an architect and the founder of, I have always been drawn to cafe spaces that support public buildings, offering a sense of community and vibrancy to their surroundings. Showay, located within the expansive National Exhibition and Convention Center in Qingpu District, Shanghai, is a prime example of this ethos. Serving as a creative […]

Brownie Project Gallery / Shanghai / Offhand Practice

Situated at M50 Creative Park in Moganshan Road, BROWNIE/Project gallery blends the vibes of arts and commercials seamlessly. This creative park used to be an old woolen mill manufacturing plant, and the building it occupied was transformed from an old factory. Designed by Offhand Practice Photography by Hu Yanyun To explore cafes worldwide see A top […]

Shanghai cafe / Aloha cafe / Atelier IN

Shanghai Cafe / Aloha Cafe / Atelier IN

Nestled in the historic French Concession of Shanghai on Shaanxi South Road, ALOHA Coffee is a distinctive Shanghai cafe located at the ground floor of a heritage residential building. Renowned for its dedication to the art and traditional practices of coffee making, the ALOHA brand embodies a deep respect for coffee culture. Designed by Atelier […]