Best Cafes in Prague / Golden Egg Café

Among the best cafes in Prague, the Golden Egg Café distinguishes itself with a clean and modern interior that exudes a sense of contemporary sophistication. Its polished concrete floor adds a touch of industrial chic, providing a stylish contrast to the warmth of the cafe’s ambiance. Moreover, the presence of a beautifully landscaped courtyard offers a serene oasis, inviting patrons to enjoy their coffee in a tranquil outdoor setting, making it a delightful choice for both the urban explorer and those in search of a peaceful escape.

Designed by MH Architects

Text by architect

“The interior, based in an open two storey space, mixes together very rough building materials, used in unique ways, together with smooth pastel colors and a little bit of luxury in various gold details. Most of the furniture is made from concrete blocks, usually used to hold up terrains. Here, together with smooth wooden tops, they are used as a bar or tables. These blocks are not just fun to work with: “It is a durable building material that will last for almost an eternity,” the architect describes.

The walls are not only covered with serrated plaster, but also with Horáková’s installation of ceramic plates. ”We always try to find new ways and here we really did not hold back, “she says, with some more comments about its meaning. “We perceive clay as the soil that gives us the basis for our existence. The organic shape indicates the circle of life. Earthy tones follow shades of the rest of the interior. The exhibition levitates and creates plasticity, therefore playing with light and shadows “describes the author of the design.”

Photography by Tarquin Williams

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Project location: Best Cafes in Prague / Golden Egg Café

Seifertova 1840/2, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czechia

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