coffee shop in barranco Felicia y Domingo

Coffee Shop in Barranco / Felicia y Domingo

The Barranco coffee shop, Felicia y Domingo, is a visual delight with its charming design. Characterized by its welcoming and artistic ambiance, the cafe beckons patrons with its eclectic blend of furnishings and decor, offering a unique and inviting space to savor coffee and creative inspiration in the vibrant neighborhood of Barranco. Photography by Kaybeth […]

Americano Espresso / Ciclos Cafe

Americano Espresso, home to Ciclos Cafe, shines brightly with its cheerful yellow decor. This vibrant design choice infuses the cafe with a sunny and welcoming ambiance, creating a lively and inviting space where patrons can savor their coffee in a burst of color and positivity. Photography by Kaybeth Pacheco For further American Cafe designs click here […]

Barranco Cafe / Coleccionista coffee gallery

Enjoy a local Peruvian brew in the shady courtyard of this relaxed Barranco cafe.  Coleccionista Coffee Gallery invites patrons to explore its captivating design featuring intricate mosaic tiling and unique coffee displays. The cafe’s artistic ambiance effortlessly blends history and contemporary style, providing a visually stimulating environment for coffee aficionados to enjoy a choice of […]